Changing day…

… is a little late this month.
Nothing unusual in that as I generally take a day or so to re-do the backgrounds and palettes for a new month, but these past few weeks I’ve been decidedly below par and so energy levels have been low to match. Which is why you, my faithful regular readers, might recognise parts of this post as it’s already up on the INKorporated blog*does red-faced shuffle*
Some of the following HAS been changed however, to reflect the difference we celebrate on here! 😉

This is not to say there’s nothing going on here – far from it! The house refurbishment is going on apace, and we’re now entering the final phase of the planned projects for this year. The major elements of the kitchen are all in place now, and it’s looking really great, pending the final touches of paint, new tiling and flooring, which should all be done in the next few weeks, starting tomorrow! The rest of the living room decor should also be going in soon, so, come mid-Autumn we should be looking pretty much complete. 😀

So, today it’s high time to change the palettes and backgrounds. Now, if you’re a regular, you may already know that I’ve been using some of my major arcana tarot designs to go with the Tower of Destruction banner at the top of the page. This time of year, when the harvest is being gathered, and the fields are being returned to dormancy before next year’s planting, I thought it was time to trot out The Justice.

It’s a fantasy-themed deck, so when I put the image together I opted to use something that nodded towards the wisdom and balance aspects of Justice and chose the Greek pantheon to carry the theming in the shape of Athene Parthenos. So, we have wisdom and integrity, with the owl and the sterner aspects of the goddess with the righteous sword and empty-eyed helm. The sword also forms the nasal shield and is about to cut through the golden cobwebs… There is also a nod towards the endings and new beginnings that are inherent to the administering of justice that seems to fit into the start of autumn. Also reaping the fruit of the harvest before winter comes, as we gravitate to the hearth and home comforts to plot our course for the birth of the new year. Entering this final phase of home improvement means that I’m spending money like water (nothing new there!), but I’m also looking to up my game and get more organised with DreamWorlds Publishing. Hence the rebirth fixation… 😛

So – here’s to a little more dynamism and activity coming along on here, and in other places as we head towards the close of the year. Lots of nurturing, tending and fruition of plans and schemes for a more abundant and fertile future – and a whole heap of new home comforts and outlooks.

Did I mention that the garden’s getting a makeover too? 😛 More about that later in the month! 😉

Friday John Ku – AKA – TGIF

Here’s a follow-up to the reblog from Fiction Favourites (John Howell) yesterday.
Really glad that your repairs are not too punitive, John 🙂 Here’s to you and yours returning to Mustang Island very soon ❤

Fiction Favorites


It is Friday again and time to look forward to the weekend. It is also time to say thank you for all the warm wishes my family and I have received as a result of hurricane Harvey making a mess out of our island.  Thank you all.

I am happy to report that the damage is all repairable although it looks like the roof and floors will need to be replaced. There still is no electricity but that will improve. Once the electricity is on we will be able to go back. None of the repairs needed make the house uninhabitable so we are very fortunate. Others are not as fortunate. Todays John Ku talks about the importance of good wishes.

Support by John W. Howell © 2017

When the times are tough,

A kind word or wish expressed . . .

Makes the difference.


Thank you all.

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Thursday – A Little Personal – Fur Kids in Exile

Here’s a lighthearted, but thankful perspective on the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey from my good friend, thriller wizard John Howell. John and his family were evacuated from his island home in the Gulf of Mexico to Austin, Texas last week, and still can’t go back.

Fiction Favorites


“Okay, John. Let’s chat.”

“Alright, Stella. What do you want to talk about?”

“Being a refugee.”

“We are not refugees. We are evacuees.”


“A rose by any other name is still a rose.”

“Okay, I’ll admit this is not ideal. We are better off than a lot of the Harvey Hurricane victims”


“Just look at you earlier. Sound asleep on your IPad.”

“Yeah and look at the covered couch.”


“Lucy looks content.”

“Feed her and she’d be content on an iceberg.”


“And look at Bailey. She is on the couch too.”

“The same covered couch.”


“You know Boss this isn’t home.”

“I know, Lucy but home has no electricity, water, or sewer.”

“Well if we are all there that wouldn’t matter.”

“Yes, but isn’t it better to be comfortable? We are all here.”


“I guess pop.”

“Thank you, Bailey. I knew I could count on you to be logical.”

“When we heading…

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Foul is Fair, on #LisaBurtonRadio

A wild and crazy ride Lisa the Robot girl today. Funtastic, fusion-fantasy from Jeffrey Cook and Katherine Perkins

Entertaining Stories

Coming at you with one point twenty-one jigawatts of power, this is Lisa Burton Radio. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and with me in the studio is Ashling, a pixie from An Teach Deiridh. “Welcome to the show, Ashling.”

“Thank you for having me and for accommodating my service crow. Say hello, Count.”


“I find it odd that you’re from a fairy castle, but choose to spend the bulk of your time in Seattle. What’s so cool about Seattle?”

“Well, for one thing, there’s the Fremont Troll, and I totally know the guy who was the model for that, true story. Then there’s the football, and the fact that I first met the Count in Olympic National Park, not long before my wings got hurt, but really, one goes where the job leads. So really the main quality of Seattle most related to my spending so much…

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A Public Letter to My ExHusband

Re-blogging this in memory of my own late husband who stood in Annette’s shoes and rarely put a foot wrong, even when I was in the blackest depths.
Carers of people with mental ailments are the true heroes, as they suffer alongside their loved one and have to watch the walls crumble and warp. Kudos to you, Annette, for having the courage to know when to stay and when to leave. I hope Dan knows this somehow, and can come and stay in your creative refuge from time to time. ❤

Annette Rochelle Aben

Dear Dan,

Got the call last night, that they put you in the hospital again. This time, they found you lying in bed with a knife by your side. When asked what your intentions were, you told them that you were thinking of hurting yourself. Naturally, the Doctors said to bring you in at once.

They counted your meds and found that it had been over a month since you took them regularly. The hallucinations became your reality and there was no amount of logic that could convince you otherwise. You’ve allowed yourself to shrivel into a caricature of a human being, looking and acting decades older than your 67 years. Your guardians said that we wouldn’t even recognize you. But remember, we saw you at Christmas and while you did look a little worse for the wear, your mind was clearer than it had been in years and you…

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Your vibe.

Nice little post here from the always creative Lizzie Chantree!

Lizzie Chantree

Your vibe attracts your tribe. This made me smile. I think my tribe would be full of slightly zany creatives, or people who enjoy creativity and unusual books!

Lizzie Chantree blog 2

The vibe you give off and the person that you are, attracts like minded people. You can often tell what a person is like by those around them. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up and enjoy your individuality. Most of my family and friends think I’m a bit eccentric, but they encourage me anyway. Thank goodness for that!


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Hi – I’m BACK!!!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Old tune, new words! I’ve been back online for about half a week since my enforced exile with an icky-dicky wi-fi connection, but it’s taken a while for me to get caught up, so today is the first day I’ve felt like things are more or less back to normal. Or whatever passes for normal  ’round these here parts! 😎

I’m definitely of the ‘everything happens for a reason’ school of thought, and the time-out, however frustrating it may have been, has been good for going back to those ‘humdrum’, non-techie things that I used to make time for. Somehow I forgot how much I enjoyed them and rarely made an effort to get away from the keyboard and the lure of diving into the blogosphere. One thing I have decided while I’ve been away is that I’m not going to be networking on the post-dinner session anymore.

Part of…

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I live in hope…

that full broadband connectivity will be restored mid week!

this is in New Zealand, but we have similar outcroppings on Bodmin Moor – not that I could perch on top of it like this guy! LOL

AH! – the joys of  ‘superfast’ broadband use in rural Cornwall… The reason I’ve been so quiet on here lately is that my dedicated wi-fi router has gone kaput and I’ve had to rely on accessing the interweb via my tablet using a public wi-fi network, which has patchy connection that is infuriatingly slooooooooooow…

This all went pear-shaped on the 21st June, which co-incidentally, as well as being the summer solstice, was also the hottest June day since UK records began. Soooo – I was fairly sanguine when I started the long tedious fault reporting process with BT (my ISP) the following day, using guest wi-fi at a v. posh restaurant lounge bar on Dartmoor. Thankfully you can now do all this online, rather than going through the Indian sub-continental call centre, which is generally guaranteed to up my stress levels to monumental proportions.

Since achieving getting on their fault monitor radar, things took the predictable downturn back home on the hobbledy-hoy public wi-fi network, made worse by my not being able to use my PC – 😦 This was because the last thing that I did manage to download on the 21st was a Windows 10 update, which appears to have wiped out my wi-fi network options when the fault first manifested. It now steadfastly refuses to allow me any alternative options to the single one that Microsoft has kindly selected for me…

Anyhoo – I hopefully only have to limp along for another 72 hours, as the engineers are coming out on Wednesday! 😛 I have to get up early that day anyway (the kitchen people are going to measure up for the new worktops then as well), so hopefully things will be back to what passes for normal around here! 😀

Oh – and I just managed to work out that I can update the blog wallpaper for a suitable ‘flaming’ July look later on today. So, enjoy! I’ll hopefully be around a lot more in a few days time! 😉


Beware of talking to strange dragons, for they are tricksy and like a little toast of a knight…! 😛

Sue Bridgwater is one of my earliest literary cronies and my brilliant go-to-gal for all things editorial. With Jano, she was one of my first roleplay sparring partners with her bardic character Saranna, who is also a different, demi-godlike protagonist in the Skorn series.

Perian’s Journey, is the first book in the Skorn series.  To find out more about Sue and her work, please do follow the original blog links back to the Skorn blog, or go HERE!


“So, a visitor to my humble abode. You come armed and armoured, little man. Surely you are not here to hurt me? I have done you no harm.”
“My apologies, mighty dragon, but I have travelled some distance for the sole purpose of destroying you. It is hardly likely that I will depart before making the attempt.”
“Yes, little dragon-slayer. There you are right. It is hardly likely that you will depart.”
The dragon made a coughing sound that might have been laughter. Athellon drew Sheean and held it aloft.
“We shall see which of us will leave this place! Let us test the temper of my sword in your flesh.”
“No! Look about you, brave knight. See the scattered bones of dragon-slayers. They foolishly tried their weapons against me and now they are greatly honoured in Lavrum but they are no less dead. You cannot imagine how tedious it…

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