In praise of rainbows

We’re likely to be busy later this week as the final proofs should be back any day now. But not today. So, while I’m still twiddling my thumbs, and Telly and Jano are having fun arguing somewhere or other (it’s the Polly Pocket Piskies who’re playing up today >< – don’t ask!) I thought I’d give you some previews from the poetry we’ve included in the new book! 🙂

This one’s about Jano’s real first love when she arrived in the River Kingdom – a wonderful place at the foot of the falls, where the Bards go to relax and try out their new songs and stories over a glass or two of whatever they fancy. The tavern is called The Rainbow’s End (because the baby bows play in the pools in the sunlight) and it’s where Jano found her new friends who became her second family.

In praise of the Rainbows End

River Vale’s best-kept secret spot
In echoing falls and bright waters,

Colours all fused, aglow. White-hot,
Heartfelt sons and daughters,

All eager to meet, to play and sing.
Rushing falls, foaming fresh and light.

Downwards to dim pools, mists rising
Onwards, upwards into the night.

Freeing of minds; brave hope gleams;
Yearning hearts in the brave fire-dance

Of distant years and soulful dreams,
Renew glory days in passion’s glance.

Keep the faith, come home some day.

Our Rainbow’s End – my love, to stay.

This doesn’t work so well in the book, because of course it costs a small fortune to have colour inside! When Jano first wrote it of course, it was for the fan forum where they were able to post in colour, so you get the intended effect and also the famous mnemonic for learning the colour sequence of a rainbow, Richard of York gave battle in vain… The final line is a reference to Jano’s guard-brother and first (unrequited) love, Daemen – who was spending a lot of time away from the Valley at the time.

I shan’t be putting in any of the really sad repertoire on the blog – we’re trying to keep things light on here while we get the site up and running. Once the Alamanac is out there, we’ll be doing some celebratory posting out of the Rainbow’s End with friends, old and new! 🙂

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