Siân’s Monday Mooch

I found out this week that I’ve spelt my forename wrong! Luckily everything could be changed so that the pesky little circumflex accent got moved from the ‘i’ to the ‘a’…><  Jan said we should have stuck to the Irish  spelling and not bothered with fancy uspide-down vees, but Jano nearly had a fit so, of course, yours truly ended up googling the Welsh name sites – such fun! *yawns*.

Anyway two bits of really good news are that we’ve got the proofreading notes settled in, so the rest of the week Jan will be re-jigging the typesetting and getting the eBook version done! 😎 The other thing is even better, although we’ve had to do a lot of lifting and sorting of books, furniture and knick-knacks for the last three days – because tomorrow work starts on on our new garden room/study! 😀  This will include a proper shelving system for the rickety three-plus bookshelves we currently have housing the Hawke collection all over the house. There’ll be a weeding out of all the aircraft books (to be flogged on eBay later), but most of the rest of the fiction and non-fiction will go up in the new ‘library’ section of the study, along with some swish loungers, new ‘daylight’ reading lamps and the computer paraphernalia!

So – not so much mooching today, but we’re retiring for well-earned long, tall, cool drink very soon. Just time to rootle out some more poetry from the new book to get us feeling all summery and romantic! 😉

Another for Silen and Jano

I want to be alone with you
In beauty, quiet and fresh
Where all is green and sparkling blue –
A place where our pure souls can mesh

Your search was long but ends in me,
Our first meeting sealed our fate
And led us where our hearts roamed free –
Found in the other our true mate.

My heart had lost all hope of love,
Had long dwelt in misery.
In sleepy pools, clear skies above,
We found our bliss – our destiny.

You touched me as no other did,
‘Neath falling water shining,
Cool and bubbling, so well hid,
We found home in our hearts residing.

15 thoughts on “Siân’s Monday Mooch

    • I’ve been planning this for about 3 years now Micki! 🙂 The builders are amazing – they’ve knocked off work for the day (their 4th) because they keep filling up their skip and truck with the excavations. Apparently concrete is coming on Monday so it looks like the ‘footings’ are ready to go when they start the foundation work. Can’t believe it’s all happening so quickly! 😀


    • There may well be – they’re not going any further than the dining table for a couple of months, so you can certainly come and have a look and take whatever takes your fancy! 😀
      I may have a little book bazaar party when it comes time to put all the book back in place or ready to disperse to the universe 😉

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