Siân’s Monday Mooch

After Telly’s deferred post at the end of last week, we decided that I’d better do my mooching around on Sunday, so we didn’t get caught out again! 😉 The boss (Jan – so handy having a multi-faceted personality!) was still super-busy today with ‘other stuff’, which is anything not to do with AFFA naturally. This means I’m taking another leaf out of Tel’s book and sneaking out some promo goodies about the launch!

Most delectable snippet I have is that A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac is already available on Amazon because we needed the sales link, and also to re-do any blatant boo-boos that inevitably don’t make it onto MOBI format properly  (like Drop Cap body text… Jan went nuts when this stuck OK to the ePub file when we previewed it on Kindle Direct, but didn’t make it to the finalised Kindle file… 😦

Anyway – shush! 😛 Here’s the Amazon link if you want to have a sneak preview… 😀 It will be cheaper next month as I’ll do a 99 pennies ‘countdown’ sale, so those of you on a budget can wait for that of course, OR follow the blog tour as you can win a $25 Amazon gift voucher (in the domain of the lucky winner so there won’t be any guff with using it for Kindles). The tour starts on…

Saturday, 25th June and is the official launch date when all this info will go out via a weeks worth of guest blog posts by yours truly, which will have a freebooting roleplay flavour, and feature some of Jano and Telly’s foo thread highlights from the Lord of the Rings Dreams community. All the blog posts throughout the week will be re-blogged on here so you don’t miss out if you’re not an RRBC member (if not, why not?! It’s great for readers as well as writers…  Jan x 😉 ).

Anyhoo… I’m still a bit woozy from all this prep work, so I’m off to do some quality mooching with a pint of cider! Have a lovely week and do drop in on Friday for more Friday Night Fantasy with Telly, on the eve-of-launch-online-party! 😀

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