The Fantasy Freebooting Tour (the mooch goes on!)

Completely fuddled today for some reason – anyway, done now! 😀 Yes, one of those days – I’m sleep-deprived and hyper about all the lovely thing happening outside with the extension(except for the rain, obviously…).

Anyway – a little extra for today’s port of call, as I suddenly realised last night that the featured poem actually had some music written for it!

CLICK BELOW to listen to the A Capella version!

Will be adding that into the Day 4 post on the book blog tomorrow 😉

The Indie Spot!

I am thrilled to share with you, dear readers, the incredible talents of indie author Jan Hawke! If you’ve not discovered this writer yet, you’re in for a treat. Take it away, Jan! 


To Bard or not to Bard?

Once I’d bitten the roleplay bullet, I started out as a Woodelf raised by humans, but now seeking to re-connect with her natural kin in the River Kingdom. The place I felt most comfortable was with the Bards. Now, while I had embraced fan-fiction pretty quickly, the poetry/singing side of things was not quite so attractive to me. The reason for this was irrational, but deep-rooted. I had sworn off poetry big-time as a teen, when we were assigned Idylls of the King as our set book for our General Certificate of Education syllabus (Senior High level). Our teacher really sucked lemons at teaching poetry, and even though I…

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