Siân’s Thursday Mooch…

… oh, boy! Am I ever tired! So it’s not really a surprise that I’m late in here today, and managed to stuff up posting the link to Long John Howell’s leg of the tour today and put it on INKorporated by mistake.

HERE IT IS ANYWAY and I’ll be putting the full post on the AFFA book blog tomorrow as well

Back to mooching – I’m going to pig out on some oven chips (french fries for our N. American cousins 😉 ) soon because it was manic around here today and I neeed comfort food! 😉 I’m having the conservatory rebuilt as a garden-room/study and part of the work means I’m having a bit of re-furb all round. Today I had some materials delivered at half eight – even though they weren’t working today (‘cos of the rain) so the lie-on I thought I could grab was ruined. Then someone else from Anglian came to talk about the weekend work schedule (this was after I’d nipped into Launceston to go to the ATM) – so they’re working Saturday and Sunday, so no lie-on then either! He’d just gone when the postman arrived with some more editing work and then I had some ladies around to measure my sofas for loose covers… THEN my dog’s friendly walker arrived just after they’d got their tape measures out. With the usual kerfuffle of excited doggies getting harnesses put on, my head was spinning at that stage, so I was looking forward to a nice, leisurely afternoon…


It was my own fault – I decided to phone the phone company (always a trial by musak and customer service scripts) to see about getting a new telephone socket put in the new study. Apparently this is impossible because I’m on the wrong tariff for superfast broadband (I am, but their computer said I wasn’t) so they have to give me a new phone line altogether. I gave up trying to discuss this interesting perspective and just hope that when the engineer that comes in mid-July to hook it all up, will know what needs doing. Upside is that, because the customer service dude said I had to a new account for this, I’m being treated as a ‘new’ customer and will get a whopping discount on my new, old service plan. It’s an ill wind, as they say but that was the point I had to have some aspirin and discovered I’d reblogged to the wrong blog… 😛

Anyway – tomorrow I know I have to get up early, so at least I won’t be grumpy about that, and apparently the workmen coming to put windows and roof up are health nuts and don’t require refreshments and are staying outside anyway. I’ve got a week off after the tour finishes on Saturday, so will gladly curl up in a ball and do nothing much on Sunday for a little while. Apparently I have plasterers on Monday, so they’ll be finished by the end of the week. It looks wonderful already, even without the roof so it’s worth all the aggravation. I’ll be mooching again whatever on Monday as usual, folks – see you then! 😀

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