Telly’s (early) Friday Night Fantasy!

Whadya mean I have to get up early today?!! Women!!! 

OK – so it’s a special week, but there’s a tradition going on here! It’s the Friday night spot, not the freakin’ just-after-noon spot… *sighs loudly* Go with the flow Telly, it’s not worth the incessant nagging. Well, if I have to do this, then I’m taking a leaf out of Siân’s book and having a mooch around with it. Bottom line – Day 6 of the Fantasy Freebooting Tour is in port HERE today with the lovely Miz Beth Hale.

Got it?

Oh, yeah – and apparently this is the Introducing Janowyn, an Elven rock-chick…? day. Actually, this is more from this cockamamie party I’ve been posting about the last 2 weeks, only this time Jano’s messing with the rock legend that you know as Janis Joplin singing the foo version of this classic anthem…

Nah! I can’t do that to you – here’s the real Ms. Joplin doing it properly!

Thank you verruh much, y’all! See ya next week when we’ll be back to normal – or what passes for it! 😛

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