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It’s the last day! *whimpers*. It’s been such fun all week, but I wanted to end the tour with something done in ‘high fantasy’. The piece I chose involves a very unusual Tolkien character. Glorfindel did not feature in the Peter Jackson movies – his crucial plotline was given to Liv Tyler’s character, Arwen, Aragorn’s love interest. His famous deed that Jano sings about happened several thousand years before the era in which the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are set. Glorfindel killed the Balrog but fell with him from a mountain-top trail and died. Because he was an elf, after death he could re-incarnate in the Undying Lands of West. What makes him unique in canon, is that he was the only individual to have re-incarnated who was known to have returned to the Dying Lands of Middle Earth. In fact, Tolkien originally was going to let Glorfindel again kill the Balrog in Moria and survive this time, but then decided that Gandalf should be the hero of that encounter and also ‘die’ with ‘the Heart of Darkness’.
So, this sequence is classic freebooting, but it’s intended as homage and to support what was already written about by the original author. I didn’t change the story, I just told it a different way…

Thank you so much Mar for lending me your blog today – I’m so happy to be winding up this wonderful week with you! ((((HUGS))))! 😀

Scribblings of a Southern Belle

Hello, fellow bloggers!!

I am VERY excited to welcome today’s guest to my blog… fellow RRBC Board Member, JAN HAWKE!! Jan is on an exciting blog tour this week with 4WillsPublishing and I am fortunate enough to be one of her hosts!  🙂

Without further delay, allow me to present the fabulous Jan Hawke…

The Fantasy Freebooting Tour – Part 7

Messing with canon

Occasionally the community ran RPGs that included original characters from canon, and held ‘auditions’ for people to come and play heroic figures from the books. Competition was always fierce for this, simply because they hardly came up that often and who wouldn’t want to play a lifelong idol?

Best of all was when someone ran a quest game that let your usual character interact with Frodo, or Glorfindel who, in The Lord of the Rings had saved Aragorn and the hobbits from the Ringwraiths as…

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