Friday Night Fantasy ~ by Siân Glírdan

Me tonight – Telly’s with Jano supposedly working on the decor for the new Rainbow’s End green room. Of course they’re having a massive row about something or other so I’ve popped in here to do some advance mooching, because Jan’s busy multi-tasking in between getting our book trailer ready! 😀 It’s actually getting pretty exciting as we’re moving towards full launch once the Foreword’s ready and we can put the finishing touches to the paperback version.

We’re going on another blog tour next month with RRBC this time, but the eBook goes on a Kindle Countdown on Monday to create a bit more of a wave of interest. Jan’s been going around muttering about ‘living in interesting times’ for about a month now, but I think that’s more to do with the new study which is stalled just short of completion, waiting for the last glass roof panel to go on – it’s looking beautiful, even without it, so not a biggie. Furniture is being moved back in there over the weekend, so I fully expect everyone to be in a state of collapse by Sunday evening, hence creeping in here for some P&Q…

…just flicking through and decided that we haven’t had enough poetry previews. This one’s my favourite I think, which is probably why it’s the last one. See what you think 🙂

We watch the cooling sun low in the sky
and see the birds fly south in skeins…
The leaves they glow in hues of warmth
and fall on furred white frosty ground…
We gather our harvest of fruits and of nuts
and store the kindling for the long cold…
The woodsmoke rises thin in the dusk
our windows lit with candles and flames…
The door is opened as the day slips away
as a welcome voice is heard close within…
Your eyes watch mine in the fire’s glow
and speak of warmth far into the night…

And… Jan’s just finished the first cut of the trailer! 😀 The voiceover sound’s not perfected yet (I’m starting to do some voice exercises to lessen the ‘croakiness’ so I don’t sound so much like a wheezy frog), but we’re pretty pleased with the sequencing, so hopefully this will be sounding a whole better against the royalty-free soundtrack quite soon! 😉 Do let us know what you think – and do look at it in full screen view to get the full effect!

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Fantasy ~ by Siân Glírdan

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