AUGUST ~ two bites of the big juicy #RRBC cherry: #1 The Back2School Book & Blog Block Party!

As promised! Here’s Jan’s cherry bite post! 🙂

Jan Hawke INKorporated

This is my bite and I’ll be re-blogging Siân’s (my fantasy title pen name) a little later on today 😀

OK – what do you want to know about the The Back2School Book & Blog Block Party that you can’t find out on the link? Well… in the grand tradition of ‘show, don’t tell’ go and have a look at my two blog dates last year, to see what sort of prizes are likely to be on offer, and all the fun I had with all my visitors –

Click here for MILELE SAFARI


Click here for DREAMLESS ROADS ~ a fantasy anthology

This year promises to be bigger than ever, with more prizes and more stop-offs which will all be listed on the #RRBC Block Party blog page. Milele and Dreamless will both be featured again and, of course, we’ll also have Siân’s new book A FREEBOOTER’S…

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