AUGUST ~ two bites of the big juicy #RRBC cherry: #2 The RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo

This is my bite and I’ll be re-blogging Jan’s (my non-fantasy title pen name) a little later on today 😀

OK – what do you want to know about the The RRBC Writers’ Conference & Book Expo that you can’t find out on the link? Well… at the moment not a lot, BUT I can tell you that the conference website will be going live on August 1st! which will be giving a lot more information about the events, vendors and seminars that will be on offer to EVERYONE! That’s right – the event on the 1st through to the 3rd December 2016 will not only be chock-full of great present suggestions for the festive season, author and publishing services vendor booths and all kinds of virtual chatrooms, podcasts, YouTube videos and trailers, prize draws and competitions, and lots of practical and useful presentations on all things under the sun relating to reading and writing – and you don’t even have to be an RRBC member!

Here’s what Jan and I are going to selling on our author booths –

Click here for MILELE SAFARI

Click here for DREAMLESS ROADS ~ a fantasy anthology




An RRBC Conference has been on the cards for a couple of years now, but deciding to host it online has expanded the scope of what’s possible, so all the club members, readers and/or writers and EVERYONE who loves books can participate in a 3 day jamboree and is welcome to dive in and sample the awesome juiciness of RRBC-style activities and supprt!.

Make sure you look in on RRBC on AUGUST 1st when the Conference and Expo website goes live! 😀


That’s it – nice and short today, but you can read about the other half of our RRBC August programme HERE!

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