The ‘entity’s’ Monday Mooch…

There’s been a bit of a wrangle as to who gets to post today, so we’re all doing it on here, because it’s all about what Siân needs to be Siân, even though Jan and Jano are wholly absorbed with it as well. Telly’s not included by the way – he’ll grumble but then he’ll understand eventually, because he’s got an annex all to himself and doesn’t need us to make it so…
Soooo, this has nothing and everything to do with fantasy writing. For a long time now I’ve wanted a ‘proper’ place to write that’s not a part of the living room, on the way to the kitchen, with my books scattered to the four farthest corners of the house. When Pete was with us, we’d planned to use retirement funds to revamp our conservatory into a more traditional room to use as a study, with room for all the books. With his passing last year, plans could be moved forward and, at the beginning of June the old, battered, outmoded conservatory was taken down completely – may it rest in peace.


The ‘old’ white conservatory – it was pretty nice in it’s day but 10 years on from when this picture was taken, it was looking pretty tatty!

As far as disruption goes with any building project, we were pretty lucky on the whole. Things mostly happened when they should have done, or even ahead of schedule until it came to the vital part of the new build – the glass roof. Now, this is a vast improvement over what was there before, to whit, a really chatty, reinforced corrugated perspex affair, which sounded like a demented chip pan inside a kettle drum every time it rained a bit hard (and it does that a lot around here believe me!), and leaked like the proverbial sieve. Anyway – I’d gone with a nationally reputable firm, just because it was a safe bet I’d have a decent job done and good customer care if things went wrong. Glad I did, because one of the five glass roof panels that was going up at the beginning of July got cracked on the way over to us in the van. Quite a feat as it’s toughened safety glass that can apparently withstand a hammer being bashed against it, but a crack’s a crack and you don’t want it on a roof. So we had to wait a week. Then another week. And another. Apparently there was a problem at the manufacturing plant, but the local team didn’t keep me updated, so I was getting a bit cheesed off waiting for what I was told was ‘a few days’ redelivery.

Anyway, this Saturday the local office said could they come around to ‘do some work’, so I said yes, not daring to hope that it was the missing sheet of glass. It was! The lads were here for barely a couple of hours and then I was left in wondrous possession of my new study and garden room! This is what it looks like inside…


The ‘library end’. These 3 walls will be full of shelves, top to bottom!


Getting a built-in desk and shelves for the PC etc at the other end of the room with some swanky ‘natural’ light desk and floor lamps

The armchair is temporary, although there’ll be my lovely leather swivel chair of course and an Edwardian garden lounger/day bed affair for me to lounge on if I want a reading break (or to lounge while streaming videos) on a comfy thick mattress that can double as a guest bed if need be. The sockets are deliberately at desk height so I don’t have to grub around on the floor anymore and the bespoke desk I’m having made will have cable management so I don’t have to play Jenga with the equipment when I have to fiddle around with USB ports and suchlike.

It’s even nicer outside!


Benji’s sight is going and he was still a little perplexed with the new doorway being on the ‘long side’ instead of on the short wall attached to the house. He’s getting used to it now though and I think he quite likes it!

The main problem with the old conservatory was that it stood out like a sore thumb with the rest of the house and, indeed, the whole estate, as it was white on grey bricks. The new stonework will blend soon enough as it weathers in and I couldn’t be more pleased with whole build! 😀


The ‘long side’. The french windows fold right back on themselves, so plenty of room for patio life to carry on as usual when the weather’s nice!

Now where, you might ask, is the Monday Mooch in all this? Well, gentle reader, writing this is about the only ‘useful’ thing I’ve done today – I’ve been basking around, just doing silly little jobs relating to making my new little corner of heaven even more comfy and harmonious, planning where I’ll be putting furniture and cushions etc. It won’t be finished for a good while, not until Christmas probably, but it’ll be so much nicer as my very own writing nook, surrounded by all my favourite things – and the pups, of course!;-)

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