The Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac: a second wave re-launch! (4)

Yet another ‘re-iteration’ of the recent blog tour now that AFFA’s on Kindle Countdown again! 😉

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Like I said – this book is…

a sort of real cyberspace memoir… a titanic battle played out on the field of sanity – where what happens in your head is the only truth that matters.


I also know that I’m crap at marketing and this has proved to be a self-fulfilling prophecy, because I chose to do a promo tour earlier in the month to coincide with the beautiful paperback edition of Freebooter’s coming out, at a time when I couldn’t put the eBook on a Kindle Countdown… *very red face indeed!* 

However, moving swiftly onwards and upwards… I cannow put the eBook on sale for 99 cents/pence and this started on Sunday for the entire week . Yet more blushing here, because I was convinced that I’d  put it on to start on Monday at 8 am GMT+1 but, never mind, Sunday’s when people lie in a lot don’t they!😉. The other thing…

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