Benji – my gentle doggie Spirit in the Sky

Jan Hawke INKorporated

benji-toby2 Benji’s on the right with his usual sad, soppy expression. Toby was very fond of him and they cuddled a fair bit.

I’ll keep this short and (like Benji) very sweet and soft. He wasn’t feeling very well and, I think, had been trying to tell me for several days that he was really fed up and tired. So yesterday afternoon I took him to the vets to find out whether he was still losing weight and was already prepared for leaving without him. I stayed with him as he slipped away, and sat with him for a little while longer until I could face leaving him.
I had the extreme pleasure of sharing his long life (he was 16 years old which is ancient for a collie-springer cross) for nearly 4 years. Toby and I miss him like mad, but he’ll be coming back home soon, and will join his Dad…

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