#RRBC #RRBCAspireToInspire – I’m on it today!

It’s not a huge secret that Aspire to Inspire is my favourite RRBC Rave Waves show! 😀 So, even though my voice is not my most reliable faculty, I was really chuffed (Brit vernacular for very pleased indeed) to be asked to come onto the show today. The subject is about our heroes and why we are drawn to them, be they mythic, historic or from the imagination – right up my street! 😉

No prizes to Tolkien/Peter Jackson aficianados for guessing who this hero of mine is…

… and, for those who still don’t have a clue that’s a photo-manipulation of Ian McKellern, as Gandalf, swatting away at the magnificent CGI Balrog from the start of The Two Towers.

Anyway – at this stage, I’m still 50 minutes away from ‘air-time’ so here’s


if you want to listen in live – I’ll change it to the archive link when it’s over. 😀

My good friends, Gwen Plano and John Howell, the permanent co-hosts, will be on hand as always with their takes on the quote we’re discussing too – hope to maybe connect with you on Twitter later on! 😉

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