And this goes on the quirky one ‘cos we loves it, yes we does, precioussss 😀

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time

The cats continue to drowse contentedly on the carpet, so for now I shall go on inflicting my strange old writings upon you.

If ever I strongly disliked a book, that book is ‘Peter Pan.’ It sets my teeth on edge. So I boldly went where Tolkien had never been and manipulated the multiverse to allow Legolas to sort out the ending for me.

Strange paths of elvish dreams

Summer was fair in Ithilien in the sixty-third year of the reign of Elessar the King. Gladly through its glades and groves wandered Legolas Greenleaf, elven lord in that land of men, upon a fair morning. He had breakfasted at Henneth Annûn with Faramir his friend, Prince of Ithilien under the King. Along the banks of a stream he wandered, down toward Anduin for sheer delight in the journey through a land at peace. Yet there befell him that day one…

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