Finally! I’m IN…

Finally! I’m in… just in time for the holidays! 😉

Jan Hawke INKorporated

… actually I’m been in since Wednesday, but winter torpor has crept in after all the excitement with the RRBC conference last weekend, so I’ve been wagging off a lot.


Soooo – first off, let’s show that I really am there! And here’s the 4 corners…


You might be able to see that I’ve got the printer in finally – for someone whose main work experience was tied into print publishing as part of a forms design department, you’ll probably realise that being without it was a big wrench, even though it was only for a few weeks. Luckily it’s in just in time for the festering season so all in all it’s worked out pretty well.

I’m super-pleased with the whole room – it’s going to make a big difference to my daily life being able to have all the trappings of my passions in the same lovely and…

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