2017? Let’s do it!

Well, it’s like this… I’m so over New Year resolutions and I’m soooo tired of being on a schedule, however fluid, so THIS is the year where I’m reverting to type and keeping to an organic approach. In other words, things will take as long as they take and I’m not tying myself into knots, trying to keep to cunning plans and carefully defined goals.

Does this mean I’m  not striving for growth and excellence all over? No! Most certainly not. I said organic not static. So – let’s just take a moment to get our bearings. I’ve kept things looking more or less the same so far as imagery and decor goes, with just a small tweak to the wallpaper, so that it now makes a feature of the original artwork for A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac (The Tower design for my fantasy tarot deck).

I’ve also added to the old Meet & Greet area, dividing it into two distinct formats for incoming guests and features.
Rockin’ the Rainbow! becomes Jano and Telly’s playground in the Bard’s hall, where friends can get musically creative with their words and/or own characters, and maybe do some karaoke.
Siân’s Seomra Glas is brand new and will be a more sedate and civilised environment for creative chat and exposition, lightly based on Desert Island Discs, where guests can tell us what they’d get up to if they ever ended up in their own little slice of island heaven… 😀

That’s it! Invites are going out on Twitter, Faceborg and by email to a few of you if you fancy coming over to visit the new bits and chew the fat with me (well, probably that’ll be chocolate or other goodies we’re chewing – some things aren’t changing AT ALL!). But if you’re a regular and fancy a wee knees up some time soonish, then don’t be shy – get a hold of me and invite yourself over! I’m not on a timetable, so it’s all fluid… Organic, even! 😉

6 thoughts on “2017? Let’s do it!

  1. This is sounding so much like you, Jan. I too don’t like working on a schedule. I write only when I feel the urge, but sometimes, I force myself to write if I have to meet a deadline. :). So, how does this work, Jan? I’m interested.

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