I’m back!

Miss me? This is what I’ve been up to! 😉

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Yes – I’ve been away, so things have been a bit quieter than usual (pauses to watch tumbleweed rolling off…). I’ve had some demolition work done in the living room and needed to get away while it was noisy and dusty, so I decided to decamp off to a ‘little’ thatched cottage in N. Devon where they do Writers Retreats – in style! 😀

I had just 4 days but found it very constructive in that short time in terms of clearing my head and re-assessing how to tackle my long-postponed WIP. The break was brilliant for getting out of my literary-slob routine – having to get up for a proper breakfast, long before noon (it’s a real occasion for me to be out of my pit much before then). Meeting three other writers, 2 historical fiction authors and one academic polishing off a paper was also interesting as well as…

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