#RRBC ~ if it’s worth saying once…

Jan Hawke INKorporated

… then it’s worth repeating! 😀 It’s the time of the month for Recruitment day, so I thought that I’d repeat my New Year’s post, as I’m still celebrating (and making lots of new friends and new favourite authors), even though ‘real life’ has pulled me away from being quite as active in the club than I was last year. Read on, and discover why RRBC is ‘probably’ the best book community on the planet!

It’s the award season of course! However, this isn’t going to be about plaudits for bands, vocalists, or actors of the big, small, and live screens and stages, for the movie and music industries. Just thought I’d put that out there so any celebrity-junkies who’re expecting something glitzy can jump blogs to their usual trysting places. This is about books, first and foremost. All sorts of books, not just fiction, but memoirs, self-help, erotica (well-written

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