Put not your trust in bank holidays…

… for they seldom bring fair weather, nor long-awaited riches 😦

In fact, just stop the purloined Machiavellian paraphrasing at banks, and leave it at that!
My recent financial travails supposedly came to an end last Friday. Yes, that’s right. The day before a bank holiday weekend. How very predictable! *rolls eyes*

To be fair, my solicitors did warn me that ‘it might take up to 3 working days’ for the money to go through. Yes, of course it will, I thought – even though it’s supposed to be 24/7 banking these days.
The irony is, of course, that it never takes too long for money to leave your own, or indeed the minted loan company who’s released my equity for me, bank accounts. That’s done in the blink of an eye, or even less time naturally…

The moment it disappears into the void of the bank handling system’s sticky great mitts however, time ceases to have any urgency at all. The green stuff slows to a snail’s pace, even in cyberspace, and takes its own sweet time to make it through the other side; no doubt accruing wildly compounded interest, and other interesting, swollen increments, for the merchant princes, bureaucrats or generals, who will plead expedience while playing about with your money, from the gilded and cushioned comfort of their capacious coffers.

So anyway, no hay was ever going to made today over receiving my little home improvement bonanza. The rain it hath raineth mightily overnight, and persistently up until the point that my soggy doggie and me returned from yet another muddy, windswept outing to the moors. Now we’re tucked up safe and snug indoors (relatively, because the central heating’s also having a tantrum, despite a delivery of fuel oil on Saturday) and, of course the sun is now attempting to make a token appearance. And the rain has stopped! Just as well Toby likes getting muddy – his towel is almost black.

Maybe my bank balance will also be in the black sometime tomorrow? It is, after all, Day One of the ‘one to three working days’ that bank transfers take to go through. Yes, that’s right. I’m not counting the weekend or today, May Day Bank Holiday, as ‘working’ days.
In fact, I’ll be surprised if my windfall appears in my account before the banks close this coming Thursday. At 3 pm of course. Banking hours having nothing to do with the real world naturally. 😛

This little rant is much less abrasive for receiving my pension a whole 2 days earlier than I thought I would last week. Didn’t stop the bank snarking at me for exceeding the overdraft limit by £20 or so, for all of 2 minutes, of course. I’m now comfortably back in viable funds, so the influx of further riches in the next few days will no doubt incite them to be very nice to me and offer to increase my overdraft limit exponentially… Yeah, right. I’m not holding my breath! I do however have a bottle of pink bubbly on ice for when I get my own sticky mitts on all that dough – tomorrow being another day of course! 😉

18 thoughts on “Put not your trust in bank holidays…

  1. The Postal service is another culprit while waiting for the cheque that’s ‘in the mail’
    In Canada, there’s no post delivered on Saturdays or bank holidays. And it seems letters containing money take longer. One’s mailbox becomes a ‘watch this space’ for weeks. Bills, arrive right on time.


  2. Oh. my! I thought I’m the only one who get frustrated when the banks do their snail work with the transfer of my well-earned money into my account, or from my account to me directly. But let their payments be due, and you will see speed! It is their well-practiced culture! 😀

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  3. This post brought a smile to my face, although I know this story did not have you smiling at the time. Yes, they do take right out, but putting in has many loops to jump through. I have always loved the 3:00am checks they put through… Makes wanting to bury money out side in a tin can seem feasible at times, what used to makes sense years ago does not now. Thanks for sharing on both blogs!

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