HALLELUJAH!!!!! ~ or, ‘It’s about time!’

To say I’m astonished is putting it VERY mildly!


The equity release lump sum has come in a day earlier than expected – on Day 2 of the ‘3 working days’ scam! 😛
Am I relieved – you betcha! I was five quid off busting the overdraft limit again, so I’m at least mentally leaping around all over the place just now.

What to do… what to do…

  • take deep,  sustaining breaths…
  • … hyper-ventilate copiously into brown paper bag!
  • make cup of strong sweet tea
  • resist urge to upgrade to latte with lashings of brandy…
  • plan shopping trip to supermarket for slap-up celebration dinner
  • postpone breaking out the pink bubbly until this evening
  • add fave chocs to shopping list!


Suffice it to say, dear reader, there will be little actual work done around here today, although the keyboard is going to take a huge battering later on! 😎

Oh yeah – one last little bit of righteous smiting! 😛 I’ve replenished the overdraft buffer zone to the very last penny AND NO MORE THAN THAT. Am now five quid in credit! Suck on that bank! 😀
Am putting all the other funds in the highest interest-bearing tax-free accounts I have…

this dosh is MINE now, money-sharks! MWAHAHAHA!!!!!

9 thoughts on “HALLELUJAH!!!!! ~ or, ‘It’s about time!’

  1. Jan, I know exactly how you feel! If I was in that store that day, I would have stood up too, to sing with those lot, whether I belong or not. As for the money, every bit counts! I’m always dreaming of a windfall. And when it happens, You will know. Ha, Ha! 😀

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    • I can’t stop smiling, Joy! Even though I had to pay off a large loan – I still have more than enough left to do all the work on the house that I wanted. I’m gonna live in a palace! LOL! Thanks for dropping by – I’d ❤ to hear you sing the Hallelujah Chorus 😀


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