Drabble drivelling – or defining your opus as ‘Low’ fantasy?

A dark adult fantasy that ventures into territory seldom trodden, where the nature of creation is challenged and remoulded in a travesty of mutilation and degradation. In the world of Ordha, the Anghali and Serifali watch over the Creator’s stolen children, the immortal-souled Shiânfolk. The renegade Ainghal, Droghdurr and his chief servant, the demonic Serifal, Garliath, have other plans; abducting and torturing the bodies, minds and souls of any Shiânfolk who stray from their birthplace. Their aim, to breed an evil army of undead Troichann, so they may subjugate all the mortal souls yet to be born into the world.

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Paperback edition available now too!

RRBC peeps – it’s going on the catalog very soon, so you get review credit there as well! 😀


I try to keep my blurb roughly drabble-length these days – 100 words, give or take. However, when it comes to categorising my books, I’m stuck with the usual nonsense of having to choose what neat little genre compartment to shoehorn the work into.

Now usually I’ve blurred the genre boundaries of my books. With Milele Safari it’s mostly literary fiction because it doesn’t entirely fit with horror, romance, action/adventure or war/military/historical fiction. For A Freebooters Fantasy  Almanac, I was on firmer fantasy ground, but it’s also a memoir with a distinctly poetic bent…
Befouled, however, is sitting fairly firmly in the fantasy universe, with ‘dark’, ‘adult’ and ‘epic’ or ‘classic’ riders to take it away from the PG/Disney markets. Except, for some unfathomable reason, the Amazon UK paperback classification is spewing out ‘Low fantasy’ as a ranking category. Low fantasy? That wasn’t even a choice in the options available when I was doing the setup… Curiously, on Amazon.com, the Kindle version is sticking to my preferred options and metadata keywords – so where are they getting ‘low’ from on Amazon UK, ‘cos I certainly didn’t pick it!

What the hell is Low fantasy when it’s at home? I can’t tell you exactly because when you look it up you get a very broad swathe of sword & sorcery, through vid game wannabes, to cutesy-pie, practically kindergarten-level fairies and unicorn fests… Here’s the link I ended up on to illustrate!

Anyhoo… rant over – Befouled has gone on as a competition entry, so they call it what they like so long as it’s eligible. 😀

For those who were asking about whether the Kindle Storyteller 2017 was just for Amazon UK – yes, it is/was (it closes at midnight today, 17th May) BUT, so long as it’s in English, anyone over 18 (or over the age of majority in your region, wherever that is) can enter their book no matter where they live in the world.

Looks like Amazon.com also suffers from not giving out all the options when it comes to entering their competitions as well, although my friend in Montana, managed to cotton on to it. I never would have noticed it, if she hadn’t brought it to my attention so, maybe, there’s not as much competition as I first thought out there?

If I do win the 20,000 quid, they can classify it as any damn thing they like! 😛

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