Part 4 of Perian’s Journey for your delectation!

Sue Bridgwater is one of my earliest literary cronies and my brilliant go-to-gal for all things editorial. With Jano, she was one of my first roleplay sparring partners with her bardic character Saranna, who is also a different, demi-godlike protagonist in the Skorn series.

Perian’s Journey, is the first book in the Skorn series.  To find out more about Sue and her work, please do follow the original blog links back to the Skorn blog, or go HERE!

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time

For seven years Perian worked beside his mother on the farm. Each year he would go up the mountain to see the flower and return, refreshed, to tending the two fields and helping Elyn around the house. He learnt of cooking and the uses of herbs, of wine-making and the preserving of fruit for the winter months. Elyn told him stories of her childhood and about his father Kerig. She told him of Lavrum City to the south, of the legend of Verumis and the kings and queens who had followed him. They were very happy together and Perian grew into a fine young man.


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