Echoes of Monty Python’s Holy Grail here with an encounter with a belligerent challenger – Perian has his measure however! 😉

Sue Bridgwater is one of my earliest literary cronies and my brilliant go-to-gal for all things editorial. With Jano, she was one of my first roleplay sparring partners with her bardic character Saranna, who is also a different, demi-godlike protagonist in the Skorn series.

Perian’s Journey, is the first book in the Skorn series.  To find out more about Sue and her work, please do follow the original blog links back to the Skorn blog, or go HERE!

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time

Garren lifted his head and started pulling back against the halter. Something was upsetting him and Perian turned to peer into the tangle ahead of them. As he did so a young lad leapt into his path bearing a shield and a sword, both of which were too big for him.

“Stop and pay homage to the king!” shouted the boy, waving the sword about his head with difficulty and peering over the top of the shield.

“Gladly,” said Perian, “where is he?”

“Where is he!” the boy sneered. “He is before you. You are before him. I am the king.”

Perian could not stop himself from laughing, even though

he was in grave danger from the flailing sword.

“What are you laughing at, peasant?” demanded the boy angrily, resting his sword for a moment. “Have you ever seen the king?”


“Do you know his name?” “No.”

“Then how…

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