Beware of talking to strange dragons, for they are tricksy and like a little toast of a knight…! 😛

Sue Bridgwater is one of my earliest literary cronies and my brilliant go-to-gal for all things editorial. With Jano, she was one of my first roleplay sparring partners with her bardic character Saranna, who is also a different, demi-godlike protagonist in the Skorn series.

Perian’s Journey, is the first book in the Skorn series.  To find out more about Sue and her work, please do follow the original blog links back to the Skorn blog, or go HERE!

Seasons of Skorn, shadows of the seas: in search of time

“So, a visitor to my humble abode. You come armed and armoured, little man. Surely you are not here to hurt me? I have done you no harm.”
“My apologies, mighty dragon, but I have travelled some distance for the sole purpose of destroying you. It is hardly likely that I will depart before making the attempt.”
“Yes, little dragon-slayer. There you are right. It is hardly likely that you will depart.”
The dragon made a coughing sound that might have been laughter. Athellon drew Sheean and held it aloft.
“We shall see which of us will leave this place! Let us test the temper of my sword in your flesh.”
“No! Look about you, brave knight. See the scattered bones of dragon-slayers. They foolishly tried their weapons against me and now they are greatly honoured in Lavrum but they are no less dead. You cannot imagine how tedious it…

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