I live in hope…

that full broadband connectivity will be restored mid week!

this is in New Zealand, but we have similar outcroppings on Bodmin Moor – not that I could perch on top of it like this guy! LOL

AH! – the joys of  ‘superfast’ broadband use in rural Cornwall… The reason I’ve been so quiet on here lately is that my dedicated wi-fi router has gone kaput and I’ve had to rely on accessing the interweb via my tablet using a public wi-fi network, which has patchy connection that is infuriatingly slooooooooooow…

This all went pear-shaped on the 21st June, which co-incidentally, as well as being the summer solstice, was also the hottest June day since UK records began. Soooo – I was fairly sanguine when I started the long tedious fault reporting process with BT (my ISP) the following day, using guest wi-fi at a v. posh restaurant lounge bar on Dartmoor. Thankfully you can now do all this online, rather than going through the Indian sub-continental call centre, which is generally guaranteed to up my stress levels to monumental proportions.

Since achieving getting on their fault monitor radar, things took the predictable downturn back home on the hobbledy-hoy public wi-fi network, made worse by my not being able to use my PC – 😦 This was because the last thing that I did manage to download on the 21st was a Windows 10 update, which appears to have wiped out my wi-fi network options when the fault first manifested. It now steadfastly refuses to allow me any alternative options to the single one that Microsoft has kindly selected for me…

Anyhoo – I hopefully only have to limp along for another 72 hours, as the engineers are coming out on Wednesday! 😛 I have to get up early that day anyway (the kitchen people are going to measure up for the new worktops then as well), so hopefully things will be back to what passes for normal around here! 😀

Oh – and I just managed to work out that I can update the blog wallpaper for a suitable ‘flaming’ July look later on today. So, enjoy! I’ll hopefully be around a lot more in a few days time! 😉

5 thoughts on “I live in hope…

    • Thanks Natalie! 🙂 It was hard missing out on that BOM day as I’d read all the books for once! 😀 Not long to wait now, but the connection’s particularly ‘flaky’ today, so I’m maybe going to get some offline writing for a change today! 😛

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  1. I was beginning to worry, Jan! Yes, you have been so quiet lately. Now, I know why. These machines, they have a mind of their own. When they decide to shut off, they always choose the wrong time. I am happy you are back! 😀

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    • Thanks, Joy! 😀 The connection I can use is maddenly slow and still cuts out on me a fair bit, so I’ve been hovering and watching my email ion ‘silent running’! 😛


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