A Public Letter to My ExHusband

Re-blogging this in memory of my own late husband who stood in Annette’s shoes and rarely put a foot wrong, even when I was in the blackest depths.
Carers of people with mental ailments are the true heroes, as they suffer alongside their loved one and have to watch the walls crumble and warp. Kudos to you, Annette, for having the courage to know when to stay and when to leave. I hope Dan knows this somehow, and can come and stay in your creative refuge from time to time. ❤

Annette Rochelle Aben

Dear Dan,

Got the call last night, that they put you in the hospital again. This time, they found you lying in bed with a knife by your side. When asked what your intentions were, you told them that you were thinking of hurting yourself. Naturally, the Doctors said to bring you in at once.

They counted your meds and found that it had been over a month since you took them regularly. The hallucinations became your reality and there was no amount of logic that could convince you otherwise. You’ve allowed yourself to shrivel into a caricature of a human being, looking and acting decades older than your 67 years. Your guardians said that we wouldn’t even recognize you. But remember, we saw you at Christmas and while you did look a little worse for the wear, your mind was clearer than it had been in years and you…

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