Friday John Ku – AKA – TGIF

Here’s a follow-up to the reblog from Fiction Favourites (John Howell) yesterday.
Really glad that your repairs are not too punitive, John 🙂 Here’s to you and yours returning to Mustang Island very soon ❤

Fiction Favorites


It is Friday again and time to look forward to the weekend. It is also time to say thank you for all the warm wishes my family and I have received as a result of hurricane Harvey making a mess out of our island.  Thank you all.

I am happy to report that the damage is all repairable although it looks like the roof and floors will need to be replaced. There still is no electricity but that will improve. Once the electricity is on we will be able to go back. None of the repairs needed make the house uninhabitable so we are very fortunate. Others are not as fortunate. Todays John Ku talks about the importance of good wishes.

Support by John W. Howell © 2017

When the times are tough,

A kind word or wish expressed . . .

Makes the difference.


Thank you all.

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