Rolling in on a wave of validation (and visual satiation)!

Goggle image capture I drastically manipulated in 2008 for a birthday card for my surfer-dude nephew!

For those of you who drop in here semi-regularly (semi, because I’m not in here that regularly myself!)… I’m sort of back!

Today was the day that my internet provider finally deigned to send a competent tech engineer who understands outdoor cabling in this region (a very rare bird indeed!). He’s not only fiddled with my connection settings so I don’t get booted off the internet every 5 minutes or less – he’s confirmed something that’s been completely awry with my broadband for the last 2 years...!

I say the former (staying online all the time) whilst touching wood, as I’m not quite out of the woods yet, BUT, the fault that’s been closed and immediately re-opened for the last several weeks has finally been identified, nailed to my internet providers’ corporate skull, escalated and actioned as a full-blown complaint, which ought to be resolved in the next 5-10 days! 😛

I may have mentioned in a previous whinge recently, that I strongly suspected I was paying top dollar for a woefully inadequate internet service. The nice man who came to look at my cables today (Lee – you’re my hero! ❤ ) has explained why I’m only getting 1.4Mb download speeds, when I’m paying for up to 76Mb. Apparently it’s because instead of being connected to the cupboard with the superfast fibre cable that is stashed at the end of lane, 1400 metres away, the ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ from my house to said ‘cupboard at the end of the lane’ is still connected to the’ old-fashioned copper cable’ from the exchange in that very same cupboard, that should by rights be for my landline only...
For those like me, who know just enough tech to get myself in real trouble, this means in fiscal terms that I have, for nearly 2 years, been paying in excess of £50 sterling per month, for plastic fibre superfast broadband, when in fact I have been receiving my internet from the ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ I was connected to since the year dot.

I’m of course partly to blame for this debacle, because I foolishly thought that, when I asked for the upgrade that would move my ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ connection in the ‘cupboard at the end of the lane’ to the shiny, plas-glass, superfast cable from the exchange (6 miles away), someone would actually put through the order to tell the ‘outside techs’ to make the switch by putting an order on to actually make sure that the proper cables were physically hooked up…. Noooooooooooo!!!!!

To be fair, up until this summer, I’ve been happy enough with my internet service and just put the sloooooooooooooow upload/download speeds down to being at the end of very long rural cable. In fact I counted myself lucky to only take 8 hours plus to stream films on ‘catch-up TV’, and a couple of hours to upload full PDF book files and covers to my POD distributors… Here in Cornwall, despite being the first region to receive superfast broadband service in the UK, unless you were living near a sizeable town (and by that I mean less than 3 miles away), you are still almost certainly never going to get a full 76 Mb mainlining down your phone and wi-fi cables. Lee, my shiny saviour, who lives in a similarly small hamlet like mine on the other side of Launceston, is not too far away from a decent exchange cable, and he only gets about 20Mb speeds on a good day – but it does the job of course.

I’m now assured by the call centre that they’re putting an order through for the cabling to be sorted out and will get back to me by Wednesday next week at the latest, to let me know when I will get my tsunami of frothy fast downloads (probably another 5 working days for that) and will be refunding the scandalous amounts I’ve overpaid them for the last 23 months! 😀
I won’t be holding my breath for all that, or in fact contemplating swapping web providers, as it happens that the one thing that they do get right is unlimited and free connection right to Fon, the biggest wi-fi network in the country (and I think may still be the biggest globally too), that’s free to their registered customers. That’s too good to walk away from…

Visual Satiation…?

The other reason I’ve not been around much lately is because my house refurbishment is still going on, but getting  closer to completion now. I’m hoping another 2 weeks will break the back of it, and having the internet behave itself, so I can get on and do stuff in the meantime will help no end as well.

While all this call centre/speed testing/engineering call-out was going on, I got on with publishing stuff that I could do offline, when I could lash myself away from procrastinating on my next release. Anyway, one of the more creative, and therefore enjoyable, things I could get on with was the book trailer! I finished the voiceovers this morning, waiting for Lee to phone me, and so, when I’d reassured myself that I wasn’t going to lose my connection 2 minutes into the upload, I got it up on YouTube just before lunch!

So… here it is for an exclusive preview! 😀 If you want to watch the full screen version, be sure to whack the quality settings up to HD, so the video isn’t too fuzzy! 😉


10 thoughts on “Rolling in on a wave of validation (and visual satiation)!

  1. Sorry about all your internet problems! Glad to hear you are bring refunded and updated. I have dealt with modern times on a 70s phone cable in a very rural area…With limited fixes. I may try again, soon.
    The trailer was exciting! I love the voice over and it caught my interest immediately. I’m looking forward to the release!

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  2. Ooops! I see you are getting a refund. That’s awesome!
    I do know that even with Broadband–when its not a direct connection like FIOS–the speeds fluctuate because of the shared environment.

    I went through some awful things with a broadband connection at my place of business a number of years ago. In the end, we were given back a nice sum of $$

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  3. That’s an intense trailer, but then it sounds like an intense novel, not for the faint of heart!

    That’s awful about your internet speeds, but I’m glad you got it sorted out. Is there any chance of getting a refund on what you paid? I think I would be loudly championing the return of some £!

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