Nearly done and dusted…

Always a silver lining if you look for it hard enough… Even if it’s just on the shiny knife! 😛

Well, not dusted yet, ‘cos there’s plenty of dust-generating to come still (as usual I’m being time-savvy and just doing the vacuum thing once and not ‘trying to keep on top it’ – because that’s pointless and anyway, I can’t be arsed!), but… The kitchen is finished! 😀 On Friday the 13th of all days! 😛

I’d actually not twigged that it was THAT day, so it kind of took me by surprise when I switched the telly on. This Morning had a warlock on and HE said that apparently it’s a bit like ‘White Rabbits’ (first of the month) and April Fools, except that all nasty stuff desists at 1300 hrs instead of noon! LOL Ironically my one nasty moment today (so far anyway) came at around 1530H when the paper bag my very large and delayed prescription came in, decided to split and disperse just as I was getting out of the car. After every else that’s got me down this week it was the final straw and I had a teensy screaming trantrum as I progressed to unlock the front door, hobble over the threshold and make it to the comfy chair, somehow keeping further spillage happening and doing some one-handed juggling of the items that had escaped the disintegrating bag from falling any further.

It’s not been my best week ever, by a long shot. The chest infection that had been festering last week went to Defcon 1 after I got a little soaked at a wedding on the Saturday. I was halfway through my ‘rescue-pack’ course of antibiotics still, but the gunge was still raging away by midweek. Not a problem, thought I – my repeat prescription will be ready on Thursday, so I can just carry on with the next lot.
Silly me.
Because I was still feeling lousy, I remembered that Thursday is staff training day over lunchtime at the surgery dispensary, so I tootled off in plenty time, well before lunch, only to find that there was no staff there to train and, because of the said lack of staff, other decrepit peeps were queued 9-deep at the pharmacy counter (yes, I counted them). I took a seat and waited for the queue to dilute – 20 minutes that took, by the time I made it to the front. My doctor’s surgery has a 72-hour turnaround for repeats. I had also remembered this and expected my meds to ready as I’d put the prescription in online on Sunday (so over 72 hours had elapsed). I knew there was a problem when the lady who was looking for me, went back to the computer. It was preparing to say “NO” naturally.
“Very sorry, but your prescription’s still with the doctor. Was there anything you needed urgently?”
Now, I was never going to lose it at this point. Quite frankly I didn’t have the energy, or the lung capacity, to spare to swing into a grand grumble. So I contented myself with asking when it would be ready to collect as I needed the antibiotic repeat…
“Oh. Well, there’s some items that we had to put on order, as well as the item there’s a query over.”
“I can come back tomorrow – will it be ready then?” I knew perfectly well what the query was – it was the first time I’d asked for a repeat of a new inhaler the respiratory nurse had prescribed for me in August – which should have been approved around then by the doctor, and not over 6 weeks later. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk…
Perfect calm, see? 😦
“Best to call us in the morning first, just in case.”
Nodding sagely I departed with a softly croaked, “OK – I don’t mind waiting around here again.”

It wasn’t until about 5 minutes later that my cool evaporated and I started to get annoyed. What if there had been something I needed urgently? Why hadn’t they done something about filling the prescription earlier – wasn’t the 72 hours notice, something that should allow all this cross-checking and querying to be dealt with? If not, why didn’t they let me know it wouldn’t be ready in time? They have my contacts and telephones, don’t they?

I got so cross I needed to extend my drive home in a diversion to the moorland beauty spot I used to take Toby to (when he didn’t like chasing sheep). A few minutes listening to a soothing classical music radio channel and gazing at the tors and lake calmed me somewhat. There appeared to be a film unit up there, possibly for something to do with soldiers on maneuvres, as there were a couple of groups of combat-uniformed, fit young people dotted around the place, which also served to improve my mood… 😛

Resolving not to let things get me down a moment longer, I resorted to comfort therapy and decided to pick up a pasty lunch on the way home. Sorted mostly, except I was coughing and spluttering all last night, so my little paddy after lunch was neither unexpected, nor unjustified, if not directly attributable to ‘universal bad luck day’!

Jason Voorhees summed up how I felt during the testy exploding prescription bag episode – ready to kill the next thing that upset me – so I threw him in willy-nilly. I’m actually planning a more Hallowe’eny post at the traditional time, but it’s nice to get in a little practice in, to wave off the last of my bad mood with a nice cosy vent on here. There’s a good reason to be happy today as it happens – the work on the house is almost done and another couple of days will finish it off. So, tons of pics coming before my Hallowe’en release of Befouled – watch this accursed space! 😉

PS – I’m not soooo mad anymore!


7 thoughts on “Nearly done and dusted…

  1. Glad to hear your kitchen is done. Sorry about all stress of not getting the meds when you went in.. Been there and when you don’t feel well hard not to react. Hope you feel better soon:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks D.L. 😀
      It’s been a stressful few weeks really, so I guess it was inevitable I’d blow a fuse sometime! I’m feeling a little better for letting out some of the frustration and the cough’s a little easier today – onwards and upwards! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    • I knew you’d get it, John! 😉 It was mostly because I was feeling very woozy still on the 12th and had nearly asked my nephew in law to drive me into the surgery because I had a feeble moment and didn’t want to drive myself. That’ll teach me to be so saintly and make an effort! LOL 😛
      The kitchen and house refurb has mostly been fun to do in the planning and execution, but I think I’m getting too used to being on my own at home and not having other people about to factor in that’s been the real trial for me for the last month and counting. Have to face it – I’m a cantankerous, stand-offish old lady who needs her own space a lot! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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