Befouled ~ the paperback has arrived!


Yep! It officially came out yesterday for Hallowe’en, but my launch party invitees couldn’t make it, so we opted to go for All Hallows Day instead of the Eve! I did, however, stick to my guns and came in costume as a zombie as a tribute to my main protagonist, Eiralann, who, to be exact, is a zombie elf!

I’ve said that Befouled is the 50 Shades of Grey for the Tolkien universe – except it’s full-on horror instead of a raunchy rendition of ‘how the Orcs were bred’. This is hinted at in canon lore from The Silmarillion, but, in classic Tolkienesque minimalism, not at all fleshed out in anything else he wrote about. This means that all bets are off when it comes to fan fiction, and I’m not breaching any copyright, as I’ve taken the story right out of Middle Earth/Arda and moved it all into a Celtic myth environment, with names and places to match and only loosely using the bare plotline that Tolkien set up for his ‘Lost Ones’ in his world myth.

So, Befouled is a dark adult fantasy that ventures into territory seldom trodden, where the nature of creation is challenged and remoulded in a travesty of mutilation and degradation. In the world of Ordha, the Anghali and Serifali watch over the Creator’s stolen children, the immortal-souled Shiânfolk. The renegade Ainghal, Droghdurr and his chief servant, the demonic Serifal, Garliath, have other plans; abducting and torturing the bodies, minds and souls of any Shiânfolk who stray from their birthplace. Their aim, to breed an evil army of undead Troichann, so they may subjugate all the mortal souls yet to be born into the world.

If you skimmed all the above tripe, here’s the book trailer to set the mood for you. It’s devilishly good!

Available NOW @ Amazon in paperback & on Kindle

15 thoughts on “Befouled ~ the paperback has arrived!

  1. Congrats on the paperback version! Great Halloween costume! Isn’t it fun being a character from your own book? I had fun doing the same thing this year:) I am glad I got to see this trailer again…and look forward to diving into this book!

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    • Hiya Joy! 😀 Don’t worry, the e-Book’s exactly the same as the new paperback – I took the version released in May off sale on Kindle because that was a rush job to enter an Amazon competition (which I botched and got disqualified anyway! 😛 ). The copy you have is the properly edited edition, although I’m sure there’ll be a couple of boo-boos here and there still… Let me know if you find any! 😉


  2. Reblogged this on Jan Hawke INKorporated and commented:

    This is why Siân (and me!) has been so elusive the past few weeks! The gloriously ghoulish BEFOULED is finally out in paperback – it’s been available on Kindle since May… 😛
    If you like your fantasy very dark and grown-up, with a good lacing of physical and emotional gore, you’ll enjoy this one! 😀


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