Befouled 5 ~ the first incarnation of Eiralann…

This is not an excerpt from Befouled, but it does have a link to it, because my first ever piece of writing for Aeglos, formerly Faenelloth, was in an online roleplay game set in the Third Age of Arda, not long before the events of the War of the Ring…

My gameplaying avatar for Aeglos/Eiralann in her latter days in Rivendell as a guardian ranger.

They all knew her well enough, though she kept herself pretty much apart and seldom spoke to others beyond the necessary, not even to those Guardians whom she rode with or shared patrol duty. Her diligence and energy in tracking and especially killing orcs was legendary in Imladris, even equal to Nurbor’s. Most thought he was her friend, though when they thought a little more, it would be readily conceded that they were more like old comrades-in-arms. They certainly went back a long, long way but only Nurbor knew how long and the Lords Elrond and Glorfindel might have hazarded an informed guess too. So although she did not join in the quiet conversations or cameraderie that some of the others indulged in as they made their own preparations, nobody was surprised that she had answered the summons as she silently made her horse ready for the ride north.

She was ready and waited patiently for Glorfindel to come and brief them, standing by her mount and stroking its nose continuously, learning its name and nature in the way of the Eldar. Aeglos loved horses but she had none of her own and generally never used the same animal twice to ride to battle although she sometimes rode the same horse for patrolling the Valley. She did not look at the others, they were no concern of hers not unless they got in her way. They called her Aeglos, the Snow Thorn to her face at least, but she knew the other names they had for her when they thought she did not hear – the Ghost, or worse, the Lady of the Skulls. Not that she cared much, for they were right in a way. Even Aeglos was not her real name. Or not her original name. That elleth was long dead to everyone.
She tied her long bone-white warrior braids behind her head away from her pallid white face and finally her dark-eyed gaze swept around the stables looking at others just arriving, wanting the Lord to hurry so they could get on the road. Some of the younger Guardians looked back at her, but not for long. She was still beautiful but her appearance, bereft of the glowing light that all the rest of their race possessed, repulsed most other Elves. Repulsed herself too sometimes when she caught sight of her reflection. It had not always been that way, but that too was long ago. So long. 
Where was Glorfindel? She wanted to be gone from here. Aeglos was hungry for battle now. Ready to kill. Ready to die. She was always ready for that, but it never came. Not yet. Maybe this time it would come, if she prayed hard enough.


Aeglos is the future for Eiralann as she appears in the epilogue of Befouled. She had survived  in her rehabilitated form on Ordha for over 6000 years (and boy does immortality suck for her by then!). This roleplay game ultimately saw her die quite horribly, defending a human woman and the twins she had just birthed. Thus Aeglos made her definitive act of atonement and her immortal soul was freed to join her beloved husband’s, to be re-incarnated for eternity in the West. 😀
Nurbor is the original identity for Dughal, modelled on a good friend’s ‘in character’ warrior persona, whose unrelenting war against Morgoth’s creatures ran parallel and complementary with Aeglos’ own, though with a different, less ancient back story. I learned loads about playing warriors from Nurbor and Bran, his real life player, for which I am eternally grateful!

And just because – here’s that trailer again! 😉

How do you like to develop your characters?


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