It’s the BEFOULED trailer party day – on the penultimate day of 2017…

… which means I forgot that December has 31 days! 😛 Never mind – I’ve the perfect background music-video for us to listen to for this, and any other year.

Lest we forget, whatever may happen, for good or ill – here’s Satchmo to remind us that it’s ALWAYS 

‘A Wonderful World!’


And – without further ado,

WELCOME to the

So what’s a book trailer? Well, it’s kind of like a movie promo trailer – and they can help you let the world know what sort of book you’ve unleashed!

So, no messing – here’s the link to the party venue…


the YouTube page…

… and then leave a comment on the video page and you might be the lucky winner in the prize draw for one of these fab freebies!

1st – Amazon Gift Voucher!

2nd – Befouled desk calendar 2017

3rd – Befouled mousemat

Want to know more about ‘Befouled’?


for excerpts and other geeky factoids about the Ordha Universe and its origins…!

so much for looking in today

may YOUR 2018 be happy,

bright and fulfilling!

❤ ❤ ❤

8 thoughts on “It’s the BEFOULED trailer party day – on the penultimate day of 2017…

  1. Beautiful, Jan. Louis’, What a Wonderful World is simply magical – a perfect lead into your book, which I’m looking forward to reading. Befouled appears to be another masterpiece. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So nice to hear your voice on the trailer! (Great job, by the way.) And I have to say, you chose one of my favorite songs to open the post. “What a Wonderful World” is brilliant.

    Loved this post. And best wishes with the book and giveaway.

    Liked by 1 person

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