Weirdly great Valentine’s Day…


… well, the nature of lurve is different for all of us after all. Whether or not you exist in the ‘real’ world or one some other plane of existence!
While he was still with us, my husband and I had variable levels of Valentine’s activity, running from barely there to really touching romantic dinners. The most memorable of those was when I had my definitive breakdown in 2005 (at the Springer Spaniel gastro-pub – a favourite night out treat for me still) when he gave me a rather lovely pink pearl bracelet watch and reduced me to mushy tears.

This year, of course the only Valentine’s gift I’m getting is the one I’m giving myself, which is minimal, no hassle online time and an easy to cook sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, asparagus and mange tout. This will inevitably be followed by millionaire’s shortbread with Haagen-Daz, a frozen Strawberry Daiquiri with some Swiss truffles, then I’ll most likely wind up watching the latest Tattoo Fixers Valentine’s Special – I’m obsessed with Sketch! 😛 

Tolkienesque dragons are much on my mind these days as the WIP is coming back into focus. Maybe next Valentine’s day I’ll have a couple done on my arms if I continue to lose weight/change body shape – so there’ll be something nicer to look at than saggy skin! 😛

And just to gross you out completely… here’s a suitably weird romantic skit from Family Guy (the one where Peter gets erotically harassed by his lady boss, Angela)!

Enjoy! ❤


4 thoughts on “Weirdly great Valentine’s Day…

  1. Sorry I’m late to reply. (Was sick in bed all day yesterday. Not very romantic.) Lent started, so no meat for us, just fish and veggies. But that’s healthy, so that’s okay. (Couldn’t eat much, anyway.) Hope you had a great day!

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  2. I like the song and cool pic of tattoo! Sounds like a steak night…that’s my treat, too. I believe I saw that episode of Family Guy:) Happy Valentine’s Day Jan!


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