Happy Equinox, everyone!

Jan Hawke INKorporated

The Mad March Hare (NOT the Easter Bunny!) wakes up the Goddess Ostara, who spreads all that yummy Spring/Fertility goodness around! She’s the reason we have choccy eggs as well – and was the original Easter diety, so let’s look at the brighter upside of more ‘resurrectionist’ Easter traditions!

Yes, today’s that twice a year day, when the whole world’s in harmony, with day and night lasting the exact same time, including the Equator, as well as those pesky Northern and Southern Hemispheres, who have polar opposite Equinoxes – Spring and Autumnal respectively… 🙂 Now, the weather isn’t exactly behaving itself in my neighbourhood, but – the SUN has been out most of the day and so, despite some snow lingering on the verges of fields and country lanes, and beneath hedgerows, we’re seeing signs of Spring bursting out. This means that trees and flowers are starting to at least…

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