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This is where I’m featuring a practical ‘thank you’ to all the writers who’ve been so good as to provide a review of A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac.
Today it is my very real and great delight to have you meet my dear friend, DreamWorlds Publishing partner, editor extraordinaire and classic fantasy author, Sue Bridgwater…


Sue&AndrewSue Bridgwater (seen here with her late husband Andrew) together with Alistair McGechie are the joint authors of ‘Perian’s Journey’, the first novel to be published in their fantasy series set in the world of Skorn, and of ‘Shadows of the Trees,’ the second Skorn novel, available from 1st December 2015.
They have also contributed ‘Legends of Skorn’ to the anthology ‘Dreamless Roads’, edited by Jan Hawke.
Sue and Alistair have been writing together for many years and are currently preparing the third Skorn novel, ‘The Dry Well’, for publication in autumn 2016 by Eluth Publishing.
Sue also writes non-fiction, mostly in the area of Tolkien studies. You can see her publications on her Academia page.

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(all descriptions can be found on the individual Amazon pages or as shown otherwise)

PJPerian’s Journey
Perian’s Journey begins high on a mountain when he first sees a beautiful flower at the heart of a dark thorn. It is to be a journey beset with many perils and filled always with contrast, as the forces of good and evil in the outer world mirror the successes and failures in Perian’s own life. In the classic tradition of the great quest stories, Perian encounters a wizard, a dragon, and high adventure; and also the betrayal and love, sorrow and joy, of everyday life.
Original and highly engrossing, A Wizard Of Dreams is a wonderful read throughout and sets the tone for a series that undoubtedly deserves your attention. It is highly recommended.” Book Viral Author Spotlight review

STShadows of the Trees

On a hidden island in the far western sea, two children are born to the goddess Iranor and her mortal lover.
In the city of Sen-Mar, a boy is born fatherless, and he and his mother are condemned as apostates.
These three children are fated to wander as exiles over the lands of Skorn, seeking peace and consolation.
From island to island, oversea and undersea, through forests and grasslands, they seek what they have lost.


Legends of Skorn (Dreamless Roads ~ a Fantasy Anthology)
A creation myth that sets the foundation for world-building and zeitgeist; recounting the most ancient of the Legends of Skorn from when it was formed in the deep heavens. Aril, the eldest scribe of the ancient city of Saracoma is our guide through the traditional tellings of the beginning of Skorn, from before there were words or anyone to say them. We hear tell of the Mother Goddess Ellanna, and of her daughter Iranor, the Lady of the West Wind, and her troubled children who were set to watch over the lands of Skorn and all who dwelt there.

Descriptions courtesy of

Tolkien’s Poetry (as a contributing author)TPoetry
J. R. R. Tolkien is best known for his prose work, especially his novels The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Although there are many poems included in his novels that add depth to the narrative, Tolkien’s talent as a writer of poetry has scarcely been appreciated and in-depth studies of Tolkien’s verses are rare. This collection edited by Julian Eilmann and Allan Turner presents ten papers and an introduction by Michael Drout that deal with specific aspects of Tolkien’s poetry. Some papers focus on one particular poem, while others examine a group of poems with a specific thematic approach. Among other topics, this collection highlights Tolkien’s development as a writer of alliterative verse, the relationship between poetry and faith, or the function of poems in the narrative of The Lord of the Rings. In addition this volume takes a critical look at the use of poetry in Peter Jackson’s movie trilogy, illustrating how Tolkien’s verses contribute to a contemporary adaptation of this literary classic.

Journeys & Destinations
 (as a contributing author)

J&D… is the collected papers from the twenty-second Tolkien Society Seminar held at the Sir John Soane’s Museum, London in June 2009. The Society’s seminars are an invaluable source of interesting, intelligent and sometimes unusual Tolkien scholarship, with the papers being followed by fruitful discussions.
This 54-page booklet edited by Ian Collier, with a cover photo provided by Julie Sinclair, brings together the papers given by the likes of our Archivist Dr Pat Reynolds, Sue Bridgwater, Anne Marie Gazzolo, Dr Antonio Sanna, and Mick Ennis and the children of the Ironville & Codnor School group.
The concept of ‘journey’ is taken in different ways by each paper and should provide readers with some interesting insights:

Sue Bridgwater – Stay or go; some reflections upon stasis and travelling in Tolkien’s mythos.

Middle-earth and Beyond: Essays on the World of J. R. R. Tolkien
(as a contributing author)

One wonders whether there really is a need for another volume of essays on the works of J. R. R. Tolkien. Clearly there is. Especially when the volume takes new directions, employs new approaches, focuses on different texts, or reviews and then challenges received wisdom. This volume intends to do all that. The entries on sources and analogues in The Lord of the Rings, a favorite topic, are still able to take new directions. The analyses of Tolkien s literary art, less common in Tolkien criticism, focus on character especially that of Tom Bombadil in which two different conclusions are reached. But characterization is also seen in the light of different literary techniques, motifs, and symbols. A unique contribution examines the place of linguistics in Tolkien s literary art, employing Gricean concepts in an analysis of The Lay of the Children of Húrin. And a quite timely essay presents a new interpretation of Tolkien s attitude toward the environment, especially in the character of Tom Bombadil. In sum, this volume covers new ground, and treads some well-worn paths; but here the well-worn path takes a new turn, taking not only scholars but general readers further into the complex and provocative world of Middle-earth, and beyond.

Find out much more about Sue and her fantastic books on

the blog

Eluth Publishing






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