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In the real world, Siân lives with her rascally, but totally adorable Springer Spaniel, Toby, in a quiet cottage between the windy Cornish moors and the wild Celtic Sea. Most of the time however, they are joined by Siân’sreal world counterpart, Jan Hawke, and her elven muse, Janowyn, in a rich and baffling fantasy life, which is probably best left undescribed, in case any men in white coats are lurking about…
Currently, the trinity are slaving away on an epic future fantasy series, loosely based on the ancient Celtic world myths. The first volume should reach the shelves some time in 2018.

On the 31st October 2017, the adapted version of Befouled by Siân Glírdan will be published in paperback (the eBook version is already on sale). Befouled started out as enhanced fan fiction dealing with a subject that Tolkien never addressed in his multi-layered, published or unpublished writings of the world of Arda – the genesis of the Orcs.
Much has been adapted in this re-spinning of a racial origin myth, to explore the nature of creation and abomination, to form a dark, adult fantasy exploring territory seldom trodden in the fantasy genres and where no subject or act, however horrific or profane, is taboo.
You have been warned…

Books by Siân Glírdan and Jan Hawke

Title: Milele Safari ~ an eternal journey

Genre: Literary Fiction

Publication date: 11/Nov/2013

Pages: 462 (paperback)


Buy book:  link to Amazon- Milele Safari

Blurb – Milele Safari – An Eternal Journey …twines around a single day, in an unremarkable border village that snuffs out the lives of four people and shatters many others, only to draw the survivors back to a different time and, perhaps, a hope of atonement and peace. Step out on the journey and discover an Africa that could have been, is and might one day come to be.

This book deals with strong adult themes, including genocide and war rape. It is therefore NOT suitable for persons under the age of 18, or of a sensitive disposition.


Title: Dreamless Roads ~ a fantasy anthology

Genre: Fantasy/Anthology

Publication date: 07/Dec/2015

Pages: 264 (paperback)


Buy book:  link to Amazon – Dreamless Roads

Blurb – Join us on the Dreamless Roads where we step across the threshold into the unknown to discover words that have turned into worlds of imagination, legend and, of course, fantasy. Commune with your inner elf, or dwarf, quest with heroes and warriors, and cross the borders into the land of gods and dragons ~ and the past and future realms of possibility and adventure.


Title: A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac ~ a sort of real cyberspace memoir

Genre: Fantasy / Memoir

Publication date: 14/June/2016

Pages: 227 (paperback)


Buy book: link to Amazon – A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac

Blurb – This is poetry, wrapped in fantasy, within a memoir… Or, to put it another way, it’s a true tale that applies to many fantasy fans and gamers who can’t be bothered with keeping their realities separated from their more lurid inventions. In my case this is a sort of ‘real’ cyberspace profiling, during a phase of my life when roleplay truly did need to be therapy, because what was happening around me for real, was not what I wanted to participate in. So, buckle up your swash and prepare to witness a titanic battle played out on the field of sanity – where what happens in your head is the only truth that matters.


Title: Befouled

Genre: Dark Adult Fantasy

Publication date: 14/May/2017

Pages: 268 (paperback)

ASIN: B0711QZ6Q8

Buy book:  link to Amazon – Befouled

Blurb – Befouled is a dark adult fantasy that ventures into territory seldom trodden, where the nature of creation is challenged and remoulded in a travesty of mutilation and degradation…

In the world of Ordha, the Anghali and Serifali watch over the Creator’s immortal-souled children, the Shiânfolk. However, the renegade Ainghal, Droghdurr and his  demonic servant, Garliath, have other plans… abducting and  torturing the bodies, minds and souls of any of the Shiânfolk who stray from their birthlands. Their aim, to breed an evil army of undead Troichann…

This book deals with strong adult themes, including sexual, mental, and emotional violence, physical torture and extreme abuse. It is therefore NOT suitable for persons under the age of 18, or of a sensitive disposition.


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