Fresh from the microwave, it’s Macabre Macaroni

It’s the end of the world as we know it… This Macabre Macaroni piece cuts to the bones of everything facet of our lives. Would you hit the button?

Entertaining Stories

Lisa BurtonWhat if you were offered a front row seat to the end of the world. Would you take it? It’s a sight no humans have ever witnessed before.

What if that seat came with a price? You get to go on, but you have to throw the switch. Could you do it? Could you justify this act somehow? Someone is going to do it, but the price of survival is you taking the action yourself.

Would you weigh the consequences? Would you feel like a lottery winner, or prefer to move on with everyone else.

This little snippet explores this choice. I hope you enjoy it.

Collateral Damage

Lieutenant Scott Davies pulled the Humvee up to the bunker and parked. He left the keys in the ignition and the door open.

Captain Rhodes stood beside the airtight door the Navy provided to the project. “Scott.”


“Let’s get inside and…

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Nearly done and dusted…

Always a silver lining if you look for it hard enough… Even if it’s just on the shiny knife! 😛

Well, not dusted yet, ‘cos there’s plenty of dust-generating to come still (as usual I’m being time-savvy and just doing the vacuum thing once and not ‘trying to keep on top it’ – because that’s pointless and anyway, I can’t be arsed!), but… The kitchen is finished! 😀 On Friday the 13th of all days! 😛

I’d actually not twigged that it was THAT day, so it kind of took me by surprise when I switched the telly on. This Morning had a warlock on and HE said that apparently it’s a bit like ‘White Rabbits’ (first of the month) and April Fools, except that all nasty stuff desists at 1300 hrs instead of noon! LOL Ironically my one nasty moment today (so far anyway) came at around 1530H when the paper bag my very large and delayed prescription came in, decided to split and disperse just as I was getting out of the car. After every else that’s got me down this week it was the final straw and I had a teensy screaming trantrum as I progressed to unlock the front door, hobble over the threshold and make it to the comfy chair, somehow keeping further spillage happening and doing some one-handed juggling of the items that had escaped the disintegrating bag from falling any further.

It’s not been my best week ever, by a long shot. The chest infection that had been festering last week went to Defcon 1 after I got a little soaked at a wedding on the Saturday. I was halfway through my ‘rescue-pack’ course of antibiotics still, but the gunge was still raging away by midweek. Not a problem, thought I – my repeat prescription will be ready on Thursday, so I can just carry on with the next lot.
Silly me.
Because I was still feeling lousy, I remembered that Thursday is staff training day over lunchtime at the surgery dispensary, so I tootled off in plenty time, well before lunch, only to find that there was no staff there to train and, because of the said lack of staff, other decrepit peeps were queued 9-deep at the pharmacy counter (yes, I counted them). I took a seat and waited for the queue to dilute – 20 minutes that took, by the time I made it to the front. My doctor’s surgery has a 72-hour turnaround for repeats. I had also remembered this and expected my meds to ready as I’d put the prescription in online on Sunday (so over 72 hours had elapsed). I knew there was a problem when the lady who was looking for me, went back to the computer. It was preparing to say “NO” naturally.
“Very sorry, but your prescription’s still with the doctor. Was there anything you needed urgently?”
Now, I was never going to lose it at this point. Quite frankly I didn’t have the energy, or the lung capacity, to spare to swing into a grand grumble. So I contented myself with asking when it would be ready to collect as I needed the antibiotic repeat…
“Oh. Well, there’s some items that we had to put on order, as well as the item there’s a query over.”
“I can come back tomorrow – will it be ready then?” I knew perfectly well what the query was – it was the first time I’d asked for a repeat of a new inhaler the respiratory nurse had prescribed for me in August – which should have been approved around then by the doctor, and not over 6 weeks later. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk…
Perfect calm, see? 😦
“Best to call us in the morning first, just in case.”
Nodding sagely I departed with a softly croaked, “OK – I don’t mind waiting around here again.”

It wasn’t until about 5 minutes later that my cool evaporated and I started to get annoyed. What if there had been something I needed urgently? Why hadn’t they done something about filling the prescription earlier – wasn’t the 72 hours notice, something that should allow all this cross-checking and querying to be dealt with? If not, why didn’t they let me know it wouldn’t be ready in time? They have my contacts and telephones, don’t they?

I got so cross I needed to extend my drive home in a diversion to the moorland beauty spot I used to take Toby to (when he didn’t like chasing sheep). A few minutes listening to a soothing classical music radio channel and gazing at the tors and lake calmed me somewhat. There appeared to be a film unit up there, possibly for something to do with soldiers on maneuvres, as there were a couple of groups of combat-uniformed, fit young people dotted around the place, which also served to improve my mood… 😛

Resolving not to let things get me down a moment longer, I resorted to comfort therapy and decided to pick up a pasty lunch on the way home. Sorted mostly, except I was coughing and spluttering all last night, so my little paddy after lunch was neither unexpected, nor unjustified, if not directly attributable to ‘universal bad luck day’!

Jason Voorhees summed up how I felt during the testy exploding prescription bag episode – ready to kill the next thing that upset me – so I threw him in willy-nilly. I’m actually planning a more Hallowe’eny post at the traditional time, but it’s nice to get in a little practice in, to wave off the last of my bad mood with a nice cosy vent on here. There’s a good reason to be happy today as it happens – the work on the house is almost done and another couple of days will finish it off. So, tons of pics coming before my Hallowe’en release of Befouled – watch this accursed space! 😉

PS – I’m not soooo mad anymore!


Order up! Macabre Macaroni

It’s Macabre Macaroni month over on Entertaining Stories – this short story is not so far off reality methinks and really chilling for that reason! 😦

Entertaining Stories

Lisa BurtonLisa Burton here with another serving of Macabre Macaroni. I try to avoid the dark side of technology, being a robot myself. Even I have to admit it can be misused.

Technology is wonderful, but it should be used with caution. This week, Craig takes kind of an extreme approach to some future advancements in the medical field… or are they already here?



Mrs. Levine sat beside the hospital bed and held her husband’s hand. It had been three days this time, and only a few lucid moments passed between them.

She held on to something through her faith, but another part of her explored the value of their home, what might be left of their finances, and even the possibility of going back to work. One day per week at the library was all she’d found, so far.

They both knew one or the other would go…

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Fresh from the oven, it’s Macabre Macaroni

Wonderful twist in the tale from C.S. Boyack in the first of this year’s festering Macabre Macaroni season! 😀

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton
Welcome to Macabre Macaroni, 2017. I’m Lisa Burton, the robot girl, and I’m going to host the stories this year. I posted my new image full size this time, because some of you collect them. I’ll tone it down in the following weeks.

Macabre Macaroni will post every Tuesday in October, and it’s a collection of micro-fiction from my author C. S. Boyack. Today’s story explores the special relationship between parents and children. Some things are a bit confusing here, but that’s on purpose. It all becomes clear in the end.

Oh, and try not to cry, it’s bad for your circuits and messes up your cool Halloween mascara.

Life in the Shadows

Mindy folded a corner on the book she was reading. Something called an Experimental Notebook of some sort. She looked up at her daughter, Olivia, running around the playground.

Mindy decided to read another short story. Olivia…

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Views of the Neighborhood – Saying Goodbye

Beautiful tribute from John for a beautiful, inspirational person – Tony Amos who went on his well-deserved, final and wondrous voyage of discovery, carried on the back of one of the turtles he rescued 😀

Fiction Favorites

Tony Amos

Tony Amos rescuing an Atlantic Bottle Nosed Dolphin.

On September 4th, 2017 Tony Amos at eighty years young left this Earth for another of God’s assignments.

To quote the Corpus Christi Caller Sun-Times, “Amos, who was born and raised in England, began his life’s work of rescuing and rehabilitating sick, stranded and injured sea turtles, marine mammals and birds began in 1979 after the Ixtoc I oil spill in the Bay of Campeche.

He arrived in the Coastal Bend shortly before the spill after accepting a job as an oceanographer at the University of Texas Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas.

 Since then his rescue work included endangered Kemp’s Ridley turtles, piping plovers, red knots, brown pelicans and, at times, bald eagles. He came into contact with more than 5,000 sea turtles and more than 15,000 birds.”
Tony Amos
Here is a shot of Tony releasing a Green Turtle

Tony Amos

A picture of Tony at his last auction…

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Rolling in on a wave of validation (and visual satiation)!

Goggle image capture I drastically manipulated in 2008 for a birthday card for my surfer-dude nephew!

For those of you who drop in here semi-regularly (semi, because I’m not in here that regularly myself!)… I’m sort of back!

Today was the day that my internet provider finally deigned to send a competent tech engineer who understands outdoor cabling in this region (a very rare bird indeed!). He’s not only fiddled with my connection settings so I don’t get booted off the internet every 5 minutes or less – he’s confirmed something that’s been completely awry with my broadband for the last 2 years...!

I say the former (staying online all the time) whilst touching wood, as I’m not quite out of the woods yet, BUT, the fault that’s been closed and immediately re-opened for the last several weeks has finally been identified, nailed to my internet providers’ corporate skull, escalated and actioned as a full-blown complaint, which ought to be resolved in the next 5-10 days! 😛

I may have mentioned in a previous whinge recently, that I strongly suspected I was paying top dollar for a woefully inadequate internet service. The nice man who came to look at my cables today (Lee – you’re my hero! ❤ ) has explained why I’m only getting 1.4Mb download speeds, when I’m paying for up to 76Mb. Apparently it’s because instead of being connected to the cupboard with the superfast fibre cable that is stashed at the end of lane, 1400 metres away, the ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ from my house to said ‘cupboard at the end of the lane’ is still connected to the’ old-fashioned copper cable’ from the exchange in that very same cupboard, that should by rights be for my landline only...
For those like me, who know just enough tech to get myself in real trouble, this means in fiscal terms that I have, for nearly 2 years, been paying in excess of £50 sterling per month, for plastic fibre superfast broadband, when in fact I have been receiving my internet from the ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ I was connected to since the year dot.

I’m of course partly to blame for this debacle, because I foolishly thought that, when I asked for the upgrade that would move my ‘old-fashioned copper cable’ connection in the ‘cupboard at the end of the lane’ to the shiny, plas-glass, superfast cable from the exchange (6 miles away), someone would actually put through the order to tell the ‘outside techs’ to make the switch by putting an order on to actually make sure that the proper cables were physically hooked up…. Noooooooooooo!!!!!

To be fair, up until this summer, I’ve been happy enough with my internet service and just put the sloooooooooooooow upload/download speeds down to being at the end of very long rural cable. In fact I counted myself lucky to only take 8 hours plus to stream films on ‘catch-up TV’, and a couple of hours to upload full PDF book files and covers to my POD distributors… Here in Cornwall, despite being the first region to receive superfast broadband service in the UK, unless you were living near a sizeable town (and by that I mean less than 3 miles away), you are still almost certainly never going to get a full 76 Mb mainlining down your phone and wi-fi cables. Lee, my shiny saviour, who lives in a similarly small hamlet like mine on the other side of Launceston, is not too far away from a decent exchange cable, and he only gets about 20Mb speeds on a good day – but it does the job of course.

I’m now assured by the call centre that they’re putting an order through for the cabling to be sorted out and will get back to me by Wednesday next week at the latest, to let me know when I will get my tsunami of frothy fast downloads (probably another 5 working days for that) and will be refunding the scandalous amounts I’ve overpaid them for the last 23 months! 😀
I won’t be holding my breath for all that, or in fact contemplating swapping web providers, as it happens that the one thing that they do get right is unlimited and free connection right to Fon, the biggest wi-fi network in the country (and I think may still be the biggest globally too), that’s free to their registered customers. That’s too good to walk away from…

Visual Satiation…?

The other reason I’ve not been around much lately is because my house refurbishment is still going on, but getting  closer to completion now. I’m hoping another 2 weeks will break the back of it, and having the internet behave itself, so I can get on and do stuff in the meantime will help no end as well.

While all this call centre/speed testing/engineering call-out was going on, I got on with publishing stuff that I could do offline, when I could lash myself away from procrastinating on my next release. Anyway, one of the more creative, and therefore enjoyable, things I could get on with was the book trailer! I finished the voiceovers this morning, waiting for Lee to phone me, and so, when I’d reassured myself that I wasn’t going to lose my connection 2 minutes into the upload, I got it up on YouTube just before lunch!

So… here it is for an exclusive preview! 😀 If you want to watch the full screen version, be sure to whack the quality settings up to HD, so the video isn’t too fuzzy! 😉


Tuesday – Anything Possible – Kreative Kue #141 by Keith Channing

Love this! ❤

Fiction Favorites

In Keith’s words. “Using this photo ( below) as inspiration, write a short story, flash fiction, scene, poem; anything, really; even just a caption for the photograph. Either put it (or a link to it) in a comment or email it to me at before 6pm next Sunday (if you aren’t sure what the time is where I live, this link will tell you). If you post it on your own blog or site, a link to this page would be appreciated, but please do also mention it in a comment here – pingbacks don’t often work.

Go on. You know you want to. Let your creativity and imagination soar. I shall display the entries, with links to your own blog or web site, next Monday.”

The Photo.

Kreative Kue #141

Calling Home by John W. Howell © 2017

“Yeah, hello.”

“Who you calling?”

“I’m trying to reach home.”

“Why? We are fine…

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Lisa Burton, Robot Girl and Personal Assistant to Author C. S. Boyack, on Quantum Wanderlust

Great interview post from Staci Troilo with Lisa Burton the Robot Girl who’s on the road promoting ‘Quantum Wanderlust’ a great new anthology featuring time travel…

Staci Troilo

Quantum Wanderlust

Hi, gang. I’ve got a treat for you today. This special guest is often the one asking all the questions on her fabulous character-interview radio show, but today, she’s in the hot seat. Lisa Burton first rose to fame as a character in C. S. Boyack’s Wild Concept. Now she is his personal assistant and spokesmodel for his books and brand. Lisa does a lot of the heavy lifting, keeps her author on his toes, and manages to do it all while rocking a killer sense of style.

Please give a warm welcome to Lisa Burton, the robot girl.

Thanks for inviting me over today. I’m here to talk about a new anthology called Quantum Wanderlust. Thirteen different authors provided short stories to this collection, and the theme is time travel.

So, what would you do if given a time machine? Would you visit the past? Perhaps you’d…

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Changing day…

… is a little late this month.
Nothing unusual in that as I generally take a day or so to re-do the backgrounds and palettes for a new month, but these past few weeks I’ve been decidedly below par and so energy levels have been low to match. Which is why you, my faithful regular readers, might recognise parts of this post as it’s already up on the INKorporated blog*does red-faced shuffle*
Some of the following HAS been changed however, to reflect the difference we celebrate on here! 😉

This is not to say there’s nothing going on here – far from it! The house refurbishment is going on apace, and we’re now entering the final phase of the planned projects for this year. The major elements of the kitchen are all in place now, and it’s looking really great, pending the final touches of paint, new tiling and flooring, which should all be done in the next few weeks, starting tomorrow! The rest of the living room decor should also be going in soon, so, come mid-Autumn we should be looking pretty much complete. 😀

So, today it’s high time to change the palettes and backgrounds. Now, if you’re a regular, you may already know that I’ve been using some of my major arcana tarot designs to go with the Tower of Destruction banner at the top of the page. This time of year, when the harvest is being gathered, and the fields are being returned to dormancy before next year’s planting, I thought it was time to trot out The Justice.

It’s a fantasy-themed deck, so when I put the image together I opted to use something that nodded towards the wisdom and balance aspects of Justice and chose the Greek pantheon to carry the theming in the shape of Athene Parthenos. So, we have wisdom and integrity, with the owl and the sterner aspects of the goddess with the righteous sword and empty-eyed helm. The sword also forms the nasal shield and is about to cut through the golden cobwebs… There is also a nod towards the endings and new beginnings that are inherent to the administering of justice that seems to fit into the start of autumn. Also reaping the fruit of the harvest before winter comes, as we gravitate to the hearth and home comforts to plot our course for the birth of the new year. Entering this final phase of home improvement means that I’m spending money like water (nothing new there!), but I’m also looking to up my game and get more organised with DreamWorlds Publishing. Hence the rebirth fixation… 😛

So – here’s to a little more dynamism and activity coming along on here, and in other places as we head towards the close of the year. Lots of nurturing, tending and fruition of plans and schemes for a more abundant and fertile future – and a whole heap of new home comforts and outlooks.

Did I mention that the garden’s getting a makeover too? 😛 More about that later in the month! 😉