Book Launch – The Hat by Craig Boyack – Lisa Burton Visits

Can’t wait to start my copy of The Hat – maybe this evening! 😀

Fiction Favorites

I want to welcome Lisa Burton, Craig Boyack’s personal assistant to Fiction Favorites. She is here to tell you about Craig’s latest book. As you may know, I love Craig’s work and can highly recommend his writing.  It is always a pleasure to have her join me here on the coast. Hi, Lisa.

Craig and Lisa

Hi, and thanks for having me over again, John. I love getting away from the cabin and promoting Craig’s books on occasion. It’s a long old winter out there, you know? (I know Lisa especially in the company of Craig)

Today, we’re touring around a novella called The Hat. This one is about a girl, Lizzie, who works hard to overcome the trials of everyday life. She winds up with an old hat that belonged to her grandfather, only this is no ordinary hat. It’s a being from another dimension, trapped in the shape of a…

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It’s the BEFOULED trailer party day – on the penultimate day of 2017…

… which means I forgot that December has 31 days! 😛 Never mind – I’ve the perfect background music-video for us to listen to for this, and any other year.

Lest we forget, whatever may happen, for good or ill – here’s Satchmo to remind us that it’s ALWAYS 

‘A Wonderful World!’


And – without further ado,

WELCOME to the

So what’s a book trailer? Well, it’s kind of like a movie promo trailer – and they can help you let the world know what sort of book you’ve unleashed!

So, no messing – here’s the link to the party venue…


the YouTube page…

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for excerpts and other geeky factoids about the Ordha Universe and its origins…!

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may YOUR 2018 be happy,

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Do YOU wish it could be Christmas every day?! (it’s also the Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac festive book trailer party today)!

Let’s get this started in the Christmas spirit first! 

And now down to business! What’s a book trailer I hear you ask? Well, it’s kind of like a movie promo trailer – and they can help you let the world know what sort of book you’ve unleashed!

So, no messing – here’s the link to ‘A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac’ party venue…


the YouTube page…


… and then leave a comment on the video page and you might be the lucky winner in the prize draw for one of these fab freebies!


1st – Amazon Gift Voucher!

2nd – AFFA desk calendar 2017

3rd – AFFA mousemat

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Thank you & have a lovely festive day!

The Gellboar on #LisaBurtonRadio

Here’s one of Lisa Burton’s (the Robot Girl) radio interview with Dan Forster aka Christine Cooper, his magical alter-ego who keeps him legal… and whose feminine namesake is helping him with a Gellboar problem!

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Hey there, all you downtrodden folks. Those who’ve been repressed by unfair rules and regulations. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, the only show that interviews characters from the books you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and I have a treat for you today.

Ask yourself this. What would you do if you were denied participation in something because of your gender? Would you give up and move along? Would you fight for your rights? Maybe you’d be passive aggressive about it. That’s exactly the kind of choice my guest today was faced with. “Welcome to the show, Dan Forster, or should I say Christine Cooper?”

“Dan is fine. Christine is my stage name.”

“Right, Dan. Remember that name, folks, because we’re going to circle back to Christine Cooper. For now, Dan, would you please tell our listeners how that came about?”

“Men are forbidden to work…

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Body Armor on #LisaBurtonRadio

Great Lisa Burton (the Robot Girl) radio show interview today. Lisa’s hosting Carmina Orsini, the matriarch of the last descendants of the Medici and finding out that it’s tough being ancient royalty… Catch the full deal on Entertaining Stories! ❤

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Welcome all you secret society members and sequestered royal families. This is Lisa Burton Radio. The only show that brings you the characters from the books you love. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl, and today we’re going to peek inside a clandestine operation that protects one of the world’s royal families.

My special guest today is Carmina Orsini. She is the maternal grandmother of the Notaro girls. They are the last living descendants of the Medici family, and someone is trying to kill them. It’s understandable that Carmina is a little bit worried. “Welcome to the show, Carmina.”

“Ciao, Lisa. Thank you for having me here today.”

“My pleasure. The bio I have says you’re particularly worried about Donni Notaro. Can you tell our listeners why?”

“Ah. My granddaughters, all of them, are strong women. Very accomplished, very smart. But they are in over their heads this…

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One day a year ~ lest we forget…

From INKorporated with love…

Jan Hawke INKorporated

The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, is marked by nations around the globe, usually in as part of Remembrance/Armistice/Veterans memorial day, but in particular to mark the end of fighting on the Western Front of The Great War on the time and date that the peace accords were signed in a railway carriage at Compiègne, France. I’m deliberately referring to WW1 as ‘The Great War’ in this context, because its Armistice marked the end of devastating fighting and massive mortality amongst the military and civilians that literally changed the world, politically, socially, economically and, most of all, psychologically.

Although WW2 exceeded the total number of global fatalities in The Great War, in Europe it was rightly seen as ‘the war to end all wars’ because 60 of the 70 million people killed were Europeans. It literally wiped out a generation of young men in continental Europe and Great…

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Befouled 7 ~ the last taster and some praise…


Today’s the last day of the paperback launch promo, so it’s time for an excerpt from the Epilogue and a full editorial review. With the latter I’ve been trying all day to fathom out how to get it onto the listing – no success at all! I managed it somehow with Freebooter’s but for the life of me I can’t see how I did it! It’s a strange quirk of Amazon, that only the US site will list an editorial review on the main catalogue page…
Anyhoo – here’s the bit from the Epilogue where a rehabilitated Eiralann has graduated into the care of the Ainghal, Arathorr, the Huntsman and learns more about how she will redeem her soul and honour in future struggles with Drogdurr and Garliath…


“My Lord? I am curious…” her question faded away as his silvery eyes looked keenly at her. For a moment, her own dull red gaze dropped away.
“Ask whatever you wish, Eiralann – I am here to help you as much as I can.” Again, he restrained himself from examining her thoughts. Instead, he smiled at her in encouragement.
“Before – when I was with the Lady Melisande and afterwards with the Great Lady and you also, when you came to us…” She faltered a little once more, worried that the question was too intrusive, but took heart from his warm silence and went on more strongly, “your speech my Lord. It is different now? Your words are now as spoken amongst the Shiânfolk?”
He laughed and answered her softly, “We are different creatures, for we Anghali are an ancient race and, amongst ourselves, we do not speak like you or the other Shiânfolk…”
In turn, he tailed off, taking time to choose his next words.
“I know, my Lord – you all spoke to me, and to Faenelloth when we were dreaming and being cleansed. A kind of… thought speech?”
As she spoke, he gave her a slow smile, for he often wondered since she had been passed into his care, whether he should speak to her on this matter. With a wry nod, he began to explain a little of what was in store for the Creedhor.
“There will come a time, and soon now when the Tíréadan and the Berladan will pass into the West and into the full care of my kindred in Arbhalla. I and the Ladies Nardia and Melisande will remain here for a while longer. The People of the Wood and Waters will abide here on this Eastern Shore for many years to come, and some will not pass over the ocean at all. At that point, the Lady Nardia and I will no longer roam here in Ferandreath, and only the Lady Melisande will remain with the Cráinnadan who choose not to sail Westwards. This is when you will be reunited with Lady Melisande, as we told you.”
“But meanwhile, I am to stay with you and learn how to fight the Demon Lord and his troichann?”
“Yes. There will always be enmity between him and the Creedhor, and, because of your knowledge and need to atone, we will be together for many years, studying the Enemy and learning his ways together. When I must leave you, the Lady Melisande will need your help to defend the Cráinnadan, for there will be war, and the Creedhor must be ready for it. So, the answer to your question is that I – and Lady Melisande – now must speak as the Shiânfolk do on this side of the ocean. She, because she must be your people’s guide and guardian. You will be one of her chief instruments of defence against the Enemy, in terms of understanding and purpose in the trials to come. While I am with you, I must be your true companion in arms and brother in battle. Together, we are going to learn how best to fight them, both physically and mentally and so, as you cannot become as an Ainghal, I must become as like a man in all respects. Think like the Shiânfolk, talk like you and act like you.”
“And that is why you will not speak to me in thoughts now?”
Again, he laughed softly then nodded. “Nor will I attempt to bend your will, nor force you to act in a way you do not wish to.”
“Like HE did!” Her eyes flamed now, hot as translucent rubies and her voice was a snarl at the thought of all she had been subjected within the Iron Tower.
“Now you are restored and no longer being fed poisons, your will and your mind will never be overcome by those means again. Nor will I, nor my kind, try to dominate you in such a way without your consent.
“While you were in Lady Melisande’s care, we learned from you, during your own healing. When you were first taken, the loss of your spouse and your infant weakened you considerably – in your grief and innocence, you had no defence against the Lords of Darkness. Through what we have now learned, and will learn together here, over these coming years, we will teach the other Creedhor how to resist and reject the Enemy. They are strong, but so are we – elves and Anghali together. They may wound and kill us, but they will never again manipulate or crush the will, or the wit of the Creedhor on these shores! This is my promise, and for the others of my kind, to you and to all the Creedhor – never again shall one of you be desecrated or demeaned as you, and the other lost ones were.”
Her eyes were feral, and hot with anger and rue now. She nodded curtly at Arathorr, and her voice was low but hard as granite. “As long as it takes – I will fight them. That is my Oath.”

The future Eiralann in the Forest Kingdom? Image by Wayne Reynolds on Pinterest.

Someone asked today if we’ll hear more of Eiralann. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I have written her into several roleplay games that might be adapted at some stage. Her character archetype is one that I like however, and so there’ll be plenty of vengeful female warrior action in other tales I’m writing right now! 😀

Here’s that editorial review of Befouled now – Sue’s a Tolkien lore expert, so I’m tickled pink with this!

Siân Glírdan has managed to terrify and enthrall me with this book. Her depictions of the beings of Evil at their cruel work are chilling, and the story fills me with pity and sorrow at the suffering of the captives and thralls.

They say love will always find a way, but this story takes its protagonists to hell – and not necessarily back again, at least not completely. What if the only way to show your love is an act of evil?

A devastating tale, that made me cry out in shock at times. Produced from imaginative depths that I envy.

Sue Bridgwater ~ editor and fellow elven roleplaying companion of Janowyn, the High Bard (Siân Glírdan)

And just because – here’s that trailer again! 😉

One last link to Amazon…

Befouled 6 ~ another not so tasty excerpt…

Here we observe Eiralann’s first, catastrophic experience of culture-shock on her reunion with the Shiânfolk after her escape from the Dark God’s clutches. She discovers that, having eaten raw meat for so long during her captivity, she can no longer tolerate civilised food, even though she is starving…

They had offered her bread first, but she shook her head, dark, bloody eyes huge with hunger and fixed manically on the coneys, cooling from the fire. Sûlranna had handed one over to her, face worriedly regarding the strange red-eyed woman who seemed to be in appalled fascination with her hot supper. Her hands had been shaking almost uncontrollably as she took the skewer in both hands lest she drop it. But her control disintegrated as, insensible to the heat she had pulled the coney apart and stuffed its rump into her mouth, biting into flesh and bone like a wolf, slavering with the hunger… and then…

sorrow`sHowling at the memory, she hugged herself into a cringing, knotted ball of humiliated self-recrimination. She had literally spat the meat out back into the fire, gagging in disgust at the hot fat and dried-up taste. She ejected the bones as well and again she wailed as she recalled how she had attacked the fire, ignoring the burns to her hands. Trying desperately to pull the scrawny pelvis away from those ruinous flames. It had taken both Dughal and Aerghal to pull her away and stop her doing herself any more harm.
And what had she done? Spat at them too. Cursed them with words, they could not understand but discerned the meaning of well enough from her blazing eyes, glowing like red-hot coals. Her mouth and face had contorted into a snarling mask of frustration and hunger as she hit out at them, scratching and punching like some demented animal.

In the end, the two males had managed to subdue her, and she wept once more as she saw the scratches and bruises on their faces that she had inflicted on them. Sûlranna’s children were crying as well, across the scattered fire where their mother rocked them, stroking them tenderly into calm again. The sight of the woman and her children wounded Eiralann as nothing else could, so she had turned her face away from Dughal as he asked what she had been thinking of. And still, he was not angry with her, only worried and confused. Aerghal, understandably, was not quite so conciliatory and had addressed her more sternly.

“Why are you behaving so Eiralann? We invited you to break bread with us and share our meal, and this is your thanks? Answer me!”
“So sorry! I am so sorry!” She shuddered with self-loathing and faintness now as her empty stomach growled in protest and yearning at the food it no longer tolerated yet still ravened for. Her voice was virtually incoherent as she struggled to command herself once more. Aerghal’s look of outrage had begun to soften and echo Dughal’s worried concern as they both realised the depth of her contrition and fear.
“What is it, my sister? What has been done to you by these… wild beasts you lived with?” Again, he laid his hands on her, more gently this time, but still strong enough to keep her from trying to evade his touch. Holding one of her arms tightly he reached out for her chin with his other hand and made her turn her head to face him.
“Eiralann. Look at me. Open your eyes.” The years of enforced obedience took over, though he spoke far more kindly than her old oppressors had ever done. Gradually her eyelids opened, and Aerghal looked deep into the now dulled garnet eyes and saw her fear, the humiliation and despair and profound sorrow. And the terror.

“Please do not send me away…” She could barely speak now, and her voice was cracked with rue. He held her gaze, though she wished she could look away, for she knew he was beginning to understand. His grip on her arm and jaw relaxed a little though he held her still. With his tone hushed, so only she and perhaps Dughal could hear him, he spoke the words she had been dreading…
“I remember you now… you were Shiânford’s mate were you not?” She had no knowledge, no memory of him from before, but she knew he was right. He had known her. Known Shiânford better. She could not speak, but she did not need to. He saw his answer in her eyes, no matter how much they had been changed. His gaze was compassionate now, and his hand on her arm was gentle as his fingers stroked her too pale skin. He let go of her face so she could bow her head and cry silently now with exhaustion and shame.

“He was my good friend once, but he left the Lake. Said it was not safe anymore. Not safe for you and your unborn child… Oh, my dear! What happened? What happened to him and to your child?” Aerghal stopped as Eiralann began to utter great quivering sobs. He pulled her deeper into his arms, despite her weakened struggling to get away, rocking her back and forth until her weeping began to ease a little.
“But you were not Eiralann then… You were Fae… something…” He spoke softly to her now and loosened his hold, letting her move away from him a little. He dipped his head trying to look at her again, but this time she would not meet his grey-eyed gaze.
“She is dead now… long ago… like Shiân… I cannot be her… not anymore.”

He stared at her as though she was mad.

With Aerghal finally recognising her, Eiralann flees from the family who have tried to welcome her back into her old clan. Aerghal, determined to find out what happened to his close kinsman, Shiânford and his mate, follows her to get to the heart of her woes. Nothing can prepare him for the savage and tragic tale that Eiralann reluctantly has to tell…

And just because – here’s that trailer again! 😉

How horrific do you like your horror genres to get?


Befouled 5 ~ the first incarnation of Eiralann…

This is not an excerpt from Befouled, but it does have a link to it, because my first ever piece of writing for Aeglos, formerly Faenelloth, was in an online roleplay game set in the Third Age of Arda, not long before the events of the War of the Ring…

My gameplaying avatar for Aeglos/Eiralann in her latter days in Rivendell as a guardian ranger.

They all knew her well enough, though she kept herself pretty much apart and seldom spoke to others beyond the necessary, not even to those Guardians whom she rode with or shared patrol duty. Her diligence and energy in tracking and especially killing orcs was legendary in Imladris, even equal to Nurbor’s. Most thought he was her friend, though when they thought a little more, it would be readily conceded that they were more like old comrades-in-arms. They certainly went back a long, long way but only Nurbor knew how long and the Lords Elrond and Glorfindel might have hazarded an informed guess too. So although she did not join in the quiet conversations or cameraderie that some of the others indulged in as they made their own preparations, nobody was surprised that she had answered the summons as she silently made her horse ready for the ride north.

She was ready and waited patiently for Glorfindel to come and brief them, standing by her mount and stroking its nose continuously, learning its name and nature in the way of the Eldar. Aeglos loved horses but she had none of her own and generally never used the same animal twice to ride to battle although she sometimes rode the same horse for patrolling the Valley. She did not look at the others, they were no concern of hers not unless they got in her way. They called her Aeglos, the Snow Thorn to her face at least, but she knew the other names they had for her when they thought she did not hear – the Ghost, or worse, the Lady of the Skulls. Not that she cared much, for they were right in a way. Even Aeglos was not her real name. Or not her original name. That elleth was long dead to everyone.
She tied her long bone-white warrior braids behind her head away from her pallid white face and finally her dark-eyed gaze swept around the stables looking at others just arriving, wanting the Lord to hurry so they could get on the road. Some of the younger Guardians looked back at her, but not for long. She was still beautiful but her appearance, bereft of the glowing light that all the rest of their race possessed, repulsed most other Elves. Repulsed herself too sometimes when she caught sight of her reflection. It had not always been that way, but that too was long ago. So long. 
Where was Glorfindel? She wanted to be gone from here. Aeglos was hungry for battle now. Ready to kill. Ready to die. She was always ready for that, but it never came. Not yet. Maybe this time it would come, if she prayed hard enough.


Aeglos is the future for Eiralann as she appears in the epilogue of Befouled. She had survived  in her rehabilitated form on Ordha for over 6000 years (and boy does immortality suck for her by then!). This roleplay game ultimately saw her die quite horribly, defending a human woman and the twins she had just birthed. Thus Aeglos made her definitive act of atonement and her immortal soul was freed to join her beloved husband’s, to be re-incarnated for eternity in the West. 😀
Nurbor is the original identity for Dughal, modelled on a good friend’s ‘in character’ warrior persona, whose unrelenting war against Morgoth’s creatures ran parallel and complementary with Aeglos’ own, though with a different, less ancient back story. I learned loads about playing warriors from Nurbor and Bran, his real life player, for which I am eternally grateful!

And just because – here’s that trailer again! 😉

How do you like to develop your characters?