Rockin’ the Rainbow…


Welcome to the Hall of Rainbows, where Janowyn, High Bard of the River Kingdom, hangs out with fellow elves and bards (who may or may not rhyme, sing, or tell tall tales) and occasionally commits great or small atrocities to well-known ditties, all in the name of ‘entertainment’…

An Eisteddfod, as lovers of Welsh may know, is a festival of creativity, not just of song, but of the wordsmith’s art, so visitors do not have to sing for their supper here! They can just enjoy the hospitality of the Bard’s Hall, exchange stories, or reminisce on past glories or follies with Jano and her ‘frenemy’ Lord Teliol (aka Telly). In short, our guests can expect a riotous evening of character interaction (assassination is on a strict contract basis), drama and much mucking about, talking about what makes their take on artistic endeavour tick.

We have recently imported a karaoke gizmo into the River Kingdom – so, by way of a sample of the activities you can expect in this venue, with many apologies (you’ll find out why very soon!), we present Jano’s and Telly’s first attempt at a brand new adaptation of Esther and Abi Ofarim’s 1960’s tour de force – Cinderella Rockafella…

So now you know!

If you’d like to do a guess spot in the Hall of Rainbows, please drop Siân a line on email, Twitter or Facebook for more info! 😀

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